iCal, AmphetaDesk

Fairly impressed with the first release of iCal, but disappointed that you can’t publish to a single calendar from more than one location. I would have expected a calendar to be attached to a single .mac account – instead it’s attached to the computer you’re on. That means you have to, say, publish your work calendar from work and subscribe to it from home, and vice versa. Amy and I are both publishing our own calendars and subscribing to each other’s even though we’d rather just have a shared calendar (you can’t edit a subscribed calendar). This is a possible disappointment for landwater, who I want to move off phpWebCal and onto iCal. I would expect Apple to figure out that this is badly designed for groups soon.

Now setting up for the next big J-School webcast, this time a week long panel on Food and the Environment. Will take place while I’m probably out for paternity leave, so teaching students to run the whole thing. This time will be using Apple’s free broadcast software under OS X, rather than the pricier stuff we used under OS 9 last time around.

I’m becoming addicted to AmphetaDesk, but am open to suggestions on better RSS aggregators (besides Radio).

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