Landwater Conversion

No weekend. Spent almost every waking hour at landwater doing the Mac conversion. No matter what, you can never plan for all the unforseen details that come up in a job like this. Estimated 12 hours, put in almost 30, plus six more this afternoon. Machines that attach themselves mysteriously to the wrong DHCP server and drop off the network. Misplaced router password. PCL printer without Mac compatibility, which had to be replaced (gimp-print got us almost, but not quite there). What do about the fact that Office X doesn’t ship with a WordPerfect converter while they still have a lot of old WP docs around? Envelope printing is misaligned, why? Why won’t this AirPort base station let me configure it? Why isn’t this shell script (backup) running via crontab? (Mac vs. Unix line endings).

And so on, and so on, and so on. It’s always that way, always a million unforseen details. And then there’s training. And documentation. And figuring out a replacement for myself in case Amy goes into labor during the conversion. And etc. We’re mostly squared away now, just a few more bits and pieces. iChat is turning out to be a really great remote support tool, who woulda thunk.

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