Imminence Front

… and as I prattle on about irrational consumption and web technologies, Amy inches ever closer toward the big day. Sept. 17 is the “official” date, but she’s full-term as of a few days ago – the baby could come at any time and be perfectly healthy.


We’ve scrambled the past few months to get everything in order – baby room put together, crib bought and built, little dresser, diaper service lined up, bottles and ointments and onesies and smoke alarm and all the million little details. Eight weeks of birthing classes and heads filled with a thousand factoids. Breathing practice and birth plan written and ready…

But it’s all just logistics, nothing more. I don’t feel ready. I don’t know if you can ever be ready. It’s all just a gigantic question mark. So many expectations, and yet no expectations. I lay awake at night wondering, a bit freaked out. Everyone warns us to get our sleep while we can, but I’m having trouble sleeping. There’s too much big stuff around the corner.

Amy had her last day at work yesterday. She’s now officially a stay-at-home mom. And yesterday she said that her lower spine felt wiggly, which made me remember something from our class – in the last few days or weeks, prostaglandin starts to flow into the bones and joints, softening them, and loosening the joints. A jelly-like feeling is common just before birth. We’re almost there. Almost there. Any day now I’m going to get a call at work and that’s going to be it. And everything changes.

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