Live Larger, Drive Smaller

Cat amusement by laser has been patented since 1995 (thanks baald).

I’m changing the planet, ask me how!.

Which reminds me, I heard on Click and Clack (The Tappet Brothers) last Sunday that they’re running an anti-SUV info campaign. I respect that they have the cajones to take a stand from their position of respect and authority and media prominence. Way too rare. What rocks even more is that rather than just pointing to problems, they’re suggesting genuine, practical alternatives.

I really love Mozilla 1.1 and switched to it as a default browser the other day. But no matter what I do, it won’t seem to remember that I’m logged into LiveJournal, which makes commenting on other journals a big pain. It drops cookies all over the place. This is almost but not quite a showstopper. Next morning… scratch that, just switched back to IE. One more rev and Mozilla should be there. I like a lot of other things about it – tabbed browsing is wonderful once you get the hang of it.

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