Macromedia Seminars

Attended Macromedia seminars in SF today. Kind of large – like 700 people in a room, not hands-on like I had hoped. Sort of a feature by feature intro to all the goodies in the MX suite. I am constantly tempted to do more work in Dreamweaver. And every time I try, I find myself running back to the comfort of BBEdit. To watch the pros, you’d think you could do everything in Dreamweaver. But every time I sit down to work, I find that there’s still no replacement for a really powerful text editor (please, no comments about Dreamweaver’s code mode). Of course Macromedia claims that 80% of professional web developers use Dreamweaver. I believe that 80% may have it installed. But how many actually use it as their primary development tool? Would be curious to hear feedback from other web devs out there on this topic.

In the city, encountered this fellow on Market St., who seems to have excellent sign-making skills!


Lots of excellent cult movies wallpaper.

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