Daniel Popsicle

Spent most of the weekend looking for a dresser for the baba’s room in SF’s Mission district. About half a dozen vintage and antique stores. Neither of us have bought new furniture before – both of us have come this far on sidewalk trash, improvisations. Amy made the comment that this is a fork in the road – where we decide either to trade in the mismatched dishes for a matched set from Crate and Barrel or continue on the path of funk for the rest of our lives.

Today we found a perfect 1930s deco dresser for cheap, and bought it. A bit worse for wear, not fancy, but bearing the character of its previous owners. We are both gratified to have stayed on the path of funk. For now.

On Valencia St., saw a baby in a stroller coming at us *very* quickly. Soon realized that its father, who was pushing the stroller, was riding a skateboard. Father and child on wheels, on an SF sidewalk at 15mph. As they passed, I realized the father was wearing a skirt. I love the 21st century.

Last night off to see Daniel Popsicle perform at New Langton Arts – sort of a Braxton set for kids, or a Willem Breuker Kollektief with fewer dodecahedrons. Enjoyable, but wished it would have featured more banjo-bass duets, or trombone solos, or something. Very orchestral in other words – all 13 of them playing together at once, never any featured instrumentalists. Sort of orchestral modern jazz with a child’s melodic mindset. Very odd, very fun.

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