Spent the weekend in North Fork, CA, below Yosemite, at the home of an old surfing buddy and friend from junior high and high school. A simpler life there, near a buddhist monastery. Matt and his wife Stephanie, 4-year-old Lucas and most of their friends all attend the monastery. So a very peaceful time – veggie food, honest people, hot tubbing under the stars (so bright!). Entertained ourselves with improv humor games after dinner.

Highlight: Up the river over a secret path, to a place where eons of bubbling dug amazing huge holes in the granite – bathed in the icy water and dove from rock cliffs, swam through underwater tunnels, ate bagels and carrots in the sun.

Back at the ranch, I goofed around with the mighty Husqvarna on Lucas’s swing:


Rushed home Sunday for more housing madness. More of the same.

Righteous Mac case hacks – I dig the low-fi.


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