Sanitizor Lamp

Found an antique upright cannister vacuum on trash day, decided to make a lamp for the kid’s room out of it. Of course the job ended up taking half the day rather than the couple hours I had expected. Still, it was worth it – I love doing projects like this, and don’t do enough of them anymore. Well, I do, sort of, just not in meatspace. It’s summer – you’re supposed to be out there getting your thumb crimped in the jaws of the pliers when they slip off a spacer hex. New blood blister!

Amy and I both joined the UC Berkeley rec facilities and can now use any of the pools, weight rooms, etc. This morning went up to Strawberry Canyon. Worked out for half an hour, swam, read magazines under the trees. Totally relaxing. Didn’t come home until 3.

Last night out to dinner at La Note with Josh and Minnette. Great time, stuffed silly. The accordionist started playing “Stairway to Heaven” and “Paint it Black”, French cafe’ style. Between this and the Junior Brown show the previous night, it’s getting a little too pomo for comfort around here. Started remembering lyrics to the songs we played in the quote-unquote “band” we had in junior high… which was more like one brilliant musician, plus us embarrassing ourselves.

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