Some Apple reps came to campus to talk to departments about OSX rollouts over the summer. Looks like Jaguar is going to make a lot of the things we want to do a lot easier (e.g. integration with active directory, windows file sharing, etc.). But it’s also probably going to come later than we want/need — we want to start our OSX upgrade in the next few weeks, but Jaguar probably won’t be ready until the students are almost back. They didn’t give exact dates – just floating hints.

Watched the QuickTime stream of Job’s introduction of Xserve for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe it’s just as well that I got strong-armed into hosting the jschool site on a Windows box six months ago. Now if the topic ever comes up again I can lobby to do it on an Xserver.

Nothing like shooting an entire afternoon guzzling the sweet nectar of apple propaganda ;)

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