Chrissy Caviar

This is one of the more interesting art projects I’ve seen in a while – mock marketing of human eggs as consumer item – human caviar – as commentary on reproductive pressure on women in their late 30s. Provoked a pretty good discussion between Amy and I. Read article before forming opinions.

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  1. i dun reallie know coz i’m doing a project currently…n need to know what they eat….

  2. Cheryl – Can you try asking your question again (if indeed it is a question) in plain English? I have no idea what you’re asking. You want to know what WHO eats?

  3. Whales eat many different things.
    here is a list
    whales with teeth eat any kind of fish they can get, while whales without teeth eat krill and other microscopic animals
    ps if you have anyother science quetions email me at

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