MySQL Chaos

Note to self: When you teach this PHP/MySQL class next semester, make damn sure that all the students name their tables and columns *exactly* like I do in the examples. I kind of assumed they would, but they took a lot of liberties tonight, stretching their wings, and chaos reigned for the second hour as we debugged one broken script after another. Which would be fine one-on-one and is actually kind of educational, but takes a lot of time away from the rest of the class.

Second note to self: If you try to videotape something (like this class, since some of the students couldn’t be there tonight) and the camera has an audio shoe on it, remember that its presence overrides the built-in mic and you either have to remove it or plug in an external mic. I just taped two hours of silent lecture. Doi.

Other than that, the class is going great. They’re starting to get it, and seeing real results pop out gets them jazzed.

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