Had dinner at Juan’s, which is probably the most authentic and most comfortable Mexican restaurant in the East Bay. Belly full of rellenos.

Amy got a new scanner, needed one that would work with her Mac. Epson 1250 Perfection. Hell of an improvement over the antique SCSI scanner we’ve been using, and she’ll get a lot of use out of the slide scanner add-on.

To test it, I yanked some of my old razor blade-n-gluestick collages off the wall and ran ’em through.

Quinine Leaf Pipe

Venus Fly Chick

Close in

At 300 dpi, you can see every tiny dot in the source paper, and can make out that the glass is ringed with “V8” symbols, which I had not even seen when making the collage to begin with.

God, it’s starting to become embarassing to look back at old birdhouse pages. Not so much the images, but a lot of the text, and the now-dated web designs. Would love to gut the site and start over from scratch, but there’s just so much content there to wade through.

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