Glutton Bowl

We didn’t want to see olympic hockey so switched to Fox, only to find ourselves watching this hugely overproduced food eating contest called “Glutton Bowl.” They bring chronic over-eaters in from all over the country and pit them against each other eating enormous portions of slop. They start by dumping 1,000 lbs of whatever the food for the contest is going to be onto the stage from on high. Then they introduce the “athletes” with “food facts” like “Once banned from an all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet.”

We saw a 23-yr-old Japanese kid eat 31 hot dogs in 5 minutes, winning easily. Then we saw a second group have to slop down mayonnaise in 32-oz. servings. Said one host to the other, “Some of these gustatory athletes have the ability to eat without tasting, which is a huge advantage.” Changed the channel and didn’t see the winner of that one.

It is a strange and beautiful world.

8 Replies to “Glutton Bowl”

  1. You are a loser to have changed the channel. Overproduced? you have a lame little web site. It was a brilliant show and competition. The chinese kid is probably the best in sports today.
    stop thinking you are cool. Get on board and go make some money and come home and enjoy yourself with a beer you dork.

  2. I NEED a copy of Glutton Bowl!!! Someone out there must have a copy. Please email if you know where I can get it.

  3. Fuck Me Twice! I’ve just finished watching it, and I must say, it’s the most stupid horror shit ever made, yet extremely hilarious. It’s weird to watch that there are SO twisted and brainless people in front of and Behind the cameras. I don’t want to eat this evening. They wipe out whole Etiopia’s food supply. It should be called – “We eat brains ’cause we don’t have ones”.

  4. Japanese. That guy is pretty, nay, really cut for a guy that consumes over 3000 calories a day.

  5. Yeah! And Singapore just shown it today on tv. I watched it with big “O”! haha, well, Takeru sure is cute ^^

  6. me and my friends were just reminiscing about that crazy winter night where we saw one of the top ten tv shows of all time, the Glutton Bowl. Does anyone think there will be another one? Does anyone know where I can buy a copy?

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