Just went to see The Endurance with Amy – pretty amazing, moving. Rare that we go to a documentary in the theater. The range and scope of human experience never ceases to amaze me. All of the times in history a human can be born, all of the cultures, all of the extreme experiences to which we can be subjected. These guys were changed for life by what they went through. What really sent me was the fact that so many of them felt compelled to return to the site years later, like Stockholm Syndrome or something.

Dinner at Jin Ling. Mmmm… curry.

Found a pretty cheap G4 for dad on craigslist. He’s miserable since I switched him to Windows. All he wants is the simplicity of BeOS back, and to play with his digital photos. I think OS X will be just the ticket for him. Going up to Tahoe with this weekend for some snowboarding, will lay it on him then.

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