Bye-Bye Linux

As of 20 seconds ago, the linux server that hosted betips and that crunched static HTML files for kissthisguy and that hosted our home samba / ftp server was shut down for good. 94 days uptime. shutdown -h now. It’s all happening on OS X now. Moof!

While I was at it, decided that the annoyance:revenue ratio of the ads on betips was just too high, and removed all the ads. I was only making about $3/month from them. Pathetic. From now on, betips is a free public service again.

Finished moving Amy over to OS X yesterday, and so far she’s clam-happy. This will ensure that our child grows up in a Microsoft-free environment. Of course, Amy is already warning me about getting any bright ideas about pint-sized mice and setting examples that it’s good to sit at the box for hours-on-end fiddling. I think she’s right. But can I stop?

Spent the day creating lesson plans for the web applications / php / mysql class I’m going to be teaching in a few weeks.

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