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Amy and I went in for an ultrasound this morning. What an amazing experience – the first pictures of our little appleseed (that’s how big it is right now — 3.5 mm, with a heart the size of a poppyseed). Actually they weren’t sure whether we’d be able to catch the heartbeat at this early stage, but suddenly, there it was, fluttering like a hummingbird. A living being, sparking to life before our eyes. I’ve felt happy all along, but suddenly I felt pride for the first time.

First close-up, hanging out on the side of the egg sac. The sort of curved area at the top left is a “leg bud.” Which must mean the big area above the head on the right is its giant schnozz. ;)


The top image shows the size of the yolk sac compared to the embryo – the little guy is swimming in an ocean of food! The placenta has not yet developed – that will come at about 12 weeks. The bottom image shows the heartbeat along the bottom – just subtle dips here, but at one point we were able to see it really dramatically — not on the chart, but the embryo itself, fluttering with every beat. The vertical line along the right is the TCG – time compensation gain – it lets the sonographer compensate for imaging fluctuations due to depth / distance.

What’s playing now:

The knower of the past, the present and future
Crowning even this, you’re knowledge itself
Oh merciful benevolence, eternal
You’re the trinity of knowledge, truth, and bliss
You are the source of truth, the one with infinite attributes
You are the ocean of love we sorely miss
– Pete Townsend

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  1. Hey Scott

    We had the same scan and ours was also 3.5mm and we saw a heart beat, wild!

    How are things progressing?


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