Amelie’s Pupils

She doesn’t have any. I looked really hard too, and not once throughout the film could I even see the edge of Audrey Tatou’s pupils. Spooky. Loved the movie.

Switched from to Entourage today. The built-in junk detection is worth the switch alone. Birdhouse is up to 80% spam these days. kissthisguy is well over 95% spam. It’s enough to make me want to ditch for a year until I’m wiped out of all those databases, but I can’t because family members and friends have birdhouse addresses too. I swear to god spam is the scourge of the 21st century.

Sick again. Thought I had it licked, but sore throat and cramped sinuses, low energy came back with a vengeance last night. Not entirely sure these symptoms aren’t coming from mildew and cleaning chemicals in my office at UCB — fallout from flooding a few weeks ago. I knew it didn’t feel right sitting in that smell all day. But I just can’t be sure if I’m sick from that or whether it’s just coinicidental.

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