Orphan Removal

Whew. Finally finished with orphan removal on the j-school site.

As of Nov. 13 there were:
12,260 files
998 MBs

As of now, there are:
3,798 files
113 MBs

… and without breaking any links ;). For years, the students have been able to drop pretty much anything they wanted anywhere they wanted. What a mess. The staging server I’m building will prevent that from happening again. All of this cleanup has been just a preface to the things I’m actually here to do.

I can’t recommend HTML Rename highly enough. It helped me lowercase all files and corresponding links sitewide (so the site will work when we move to Apache), and to dig up all these orphans. I ended up corresponding with the developer quite a bit, and beta testing builds after I started sending bug reports on false positives.

Tomorrow we build a new server. The current one is NT4/IIS. Looks like I talked them off of IIS, but we’re keeping Windows for ease of use. So it will be Win2K/Apache/MySQL/PHP. I guess that’s WAMP rather than LAMP ;) Once that’s up and running, I can dig in for realsies.

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