Brilliant Careers

Just discovered this vast archive at Salon called Brilliant Careers . Tons of very well-written profiles of lots of people I admire… or at least dig. Like this one on Robert Crumb. There’s a good one on David Lynch too.

I really should buy a subscription to Salon. I admire what they do.

One person I don’t admire anymore is Ellen Degeneres because she came out at the Emmies wearing a swan dress like the one Bjork wore at the Oscars and pretended to be all awkward and uncomfortable in it, and basically incited the audience to laugh at her, but at Bjork’s expense. Not that anyone is beyond teasing, but that dress was so incredible and Bjork rocked in it. Of all the people to make fun of… why not J-Lo?

Oh, hey, Salon has a BC piece on Bjork, too.

Also worth checking out is the piece Beck wrote for Vanity Fair, talking about his 50 favorite album covers of all time. It’s in the November issue. He tries to talk about them as purely visual, divorced from the music and the eras of his life that music marked. Which is of course impossible. I miss album covers.

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