Last few days before work starts, trying to get lots of things checked off my list. Paperwork, phone calls…

Finally built a search engine for The Archive of Misheard Lyrics. Starting to realize what Mac heads mean when they complain that things look great on their Macs, shitty when viewed through Windows.


Starting to love working in BBEdit rather than HomeSite. But this whole type/creator bullshit on the Mac is driving me crazy. I railed on it in the BeOS Bible, and now I’m living it. All I want is for any text file to open in BBEdit when double-clicked. It’s just not possible. It bums me out – Apple solved so many of the old Mac problems when they created OSX. Why didn’t they break with the past and give users a real filetype panel, with complete association control. Keep the filetype attribute, dump the creator attribute. It’s not only useless, it’s counterproductive and ridiculous. The app that created a file has no right to claim ownership of it, unless it’s a proprietary file format. Am I the only Mac user who sees this as a serious impediment to workflow?

Had to laugh when this ad showed up on kissthisguy. How about “Red Cross Under Attack?”

Pulled good old Wensleydale (a 30GB drive full of MP3s that was a wedding gift to Amy and I from a bunch of people in the Be community, instigated by ) out of the Linux server and into the G4. Spent most of its life as a BFS drive, the last three months as a FAT32 volume mounted in a Linux machine, now it’s HFS+. Was impressed that OSX recognized and mounted it immediately, even though it was FAT32. Reinitialized it as HFS+ anyway, and copied all the same music over to it. That frees up the 60GB “Havarti” for digital video work.

Engaged in a bunch of conversations with people on the American Liberty mailing list. Very articulate people, but I just don’t get what makes them tick. Turns out they’re anarcho-capitalists, rather than libertarians. I think the reason I’m always at odds with people like that is that they believe completely in this dog-eat-dog, Darwinian, strongest survive thing, even as applied to society and economy. I know that’s the way the universe works, but I have higher hopes for humanity, and think we can do better. I believe our government is screwed up in a lot of ways, but I strongly believe that government *is* the people and vice versa, and that we are trying to do best for ourselves. I believe we build protections into the system to shield ourselves from predators. The anarcho-capitalists believe that if the predators swallow up the people, then, well, that’s just the way the universe works. It makes me sad that extreme libertarianism seems to be gaining, rather than losing currency these days.

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