The word “assassin” derives from “hashishim” — Arabic men who led, short, opulent lives and served as mercenaries for Jihad. They considered their lives already over, and so lived every day like it was a freebie, a gift, giving themselves permission to consort with loose women, get high, drink, etc. Basically a way to circumvent the laws of the Quoran in exchange for their fore-ordained commitment to die for the cause. Sound familiar?

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  1. absolutely wrong translation. Please make a correction about this word “HASHISHIM” in arabic means those who smoke “HASHISH”.
    Word “HASHISHIM” became known in the Middle East during 11th century when Jews were afraid of Turkish expansion; trained a group of men under the leader ship of Bin Saad or more commonly known as “the man in the mountain” to establish its base of operations in present day Iran.Bin Saad and his followers hated Islam and prayed while standing facing north keeping thier backs to Mecca. Bin Saad remained in Iran for 35 years killed several Turkish “Saljuk” leaders. Presently, Shias and Ismailies are all over the world living as a peacefull comminty. However, three main off shoots of Ismailies “YAZIDIS”, “BAHAIS” and “Druz” still exist. All three have their head quarters in Haifa Israel

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