From an irate post in alt.os.linux.mandrake  found myself at, paging through a truly bizarre review of Mandrake 8.1. It tottered between being totally serious, snidely clever, and questionably misinformed. It was weird, but pretty soon it was clear that all of Adequacy is dripping in this smug, hilarious, puzzling tone (the site’s name exemplifies this in a single word). It’s an irony site that’s done so ironically that it fools the unwary into thinking it’s just another web mag, so they take it seriously, get pissed off, and post the URL all over the place.

For example.

From Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold:

“The Linux Fault Threshold is the point in any conversation about Linux at which your interlocutor stops talking about how your problem might be solved under Linux and starts talking about how it isn’t Linux’s fault that your problem cannot be solved under Linux. ”

Okay, that’s a bit silly, but it’s also exactly correct. The whole article skewers Linux culture, but completely from within – there’s enough detail in the article to know that the guy isn’t just bluffing.

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