Dark Lantern

Went with to SF to an “artisan audio” a.k.a. “dark lantern” demo and lecture/get-together. This is a branch of high-end audio that has different assumptions and expectations from audio equipment. Rather than focus on benchmarks and graphs, and terms like “accuracy,” it’s all about music and musicality. The equipment they use is often different – they create low-wattage amplifiers with single-ended triode tubes, paired with highly efficient speakers, often with horn, rather than cone designs. What I didn’t expect was that most of these guys (yes, almost 100% guys) are balding (I’m one to talk ;), 40-60 year old electrical engineering dweebs. What a bunch of out-of-shape duck-footed geeks. As baald said, “This gathering is a good argument for a life-long workout routine.” Indeed. Anyway, lots of electrical schematics on chalkboards, etc., all of that stuff is outside my realm of exposure, thus over my head. But damn, some beautiful sounding equipment…

I think that part of what really appeals to me about Bjork is that she is at once so precise and so wild and unchained. I can’t think of another contemporary artist that can do both of those things at once so well, or so uniquely.

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