BeTips to MySQL

BeOS is just too fragile as a server, tired of dealing with it. has always been a proof of concept site, using the filesystem as a database to serve a live web site. But it’s just not worth it anymore, so I’ve been porting the whole TrackerBase database to mysql on a linux box and will soon start hosting it there. That server box will share several duties:

– Hosting all of
– Hosting the submissions and search functionality of kissthisguy
– Hosting large images and other stuff that doesn’t fit on birdhouse

For all of this I’ve wanted a fatter upstream pipe, but my current provider is too expensive. Doing research, it seems that the fat upstream pipes all come at a huge premium. We’re trying to save money, so it looks like what I’ll be doing is to get a speakeasy account with faster downstream and slower upstream (bummer!), give up my seven static IPs, and start using a linksys router for port mapping and firewalling.

The new betips should go live in a day or two, but won’t look much different except for URLs, and the search engine will be a bit different.

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