White Boy Dreadlock

What I don’t understand is why most of the posts here are complaining about people who are critical of white dreads, when none of the posts here are critical of white dreads! And in fact, the original post that started this discussion (which I wrote) does not criticize white dreads. So… uh… is there like, a persecution syndrome happening here?

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  1. Interesting… can kinda see what your saying.. but ya gotta remembers, they are young kids..
    TO tell ya the truth, i think most heads now have normal jobs and live in a home with bills and kids that contribute to society.. Think about it.. most of them are older(30-50).. not 19 or 20.. i think you are thinkng of the new generation…and get your point on a lot of what you had to say, but this is a different group o hippies..
    My husband and I are deadheads, and i do have dreads( and your right about the “its just hair thing, thats what makes it so liberating) and we work our asses of and are by no means rich he he he . but we are pretty every day people, who LOVE the dead:) DOnt let a few posers close your mind to people who live or are a little different
    Take care

  2. Dreadlocks aren’t just a hair style, just like a burning cross isn’t just two pieces of wood burning.

    It’s a symbol. When one missuses symbols, one takes away the effectiveness of a group of people to communicate their ideas.

    In the case of dreadlocks, it is particularly harmful because black people have been struggling with white people to gain respect and find a way out of oppression. The Rastafari Movement is a religious and political black movement.

    Colonization, imperialism and neo-colonialism have stripped black people from virtually everything they have. And it still goes on today… Whether it’s Schell drilling Nigeria’s petrolum or ignorant white kids pretending to be people they aren’t in Oakland.

  3. Many cultures mention locks (not DREADLOCKS, because there is nothing dreadful about them.

    Although many people believe that Reggae bands created dreadlocks, Reggae musicians were not the first to wear this hairstyle. Dreadlocks date back to biblical times.

    Although there are many different opinions as to when dreadlocks first appeared on human heads, the Bible actually makes reference to dreadlocks. King Tutankhamen is also pictured wearing dreadlocks. It is also known that the Christians wore dreadlocks in their earliest times. Throughout the centuries, many tribal people have worn dreadlocks, including Australian aborigines, New Guinea tribesmen, religious monks and some African tribes.

    Dreadlocks were not originally developed in the interests of fashionable hair: To the people that adopted dreadlocks, they had intensive, deep meanings that reached into physical, mental and spiritual realms. Hair-locked styles are often worn as a symbol of personal awakening for the wearer.

  4. Like all fashion options, it’s only appearence. All people are individuals and you won’t know their beliefs and values untill you know the person individually. Any belief can go with any look. And as a pot-luck american, I have to add that we are sharing eachothers history more than ever, lets give every person the chance to express/explain themselves. By the way, I am a female with a shaved head(never had dreads) and my boyfriend is on his second set.

  5. Ah, I totally relate to what you’re saying. It seems that at my high school there are tons of white kids sporting the Rasta-wear and preaching about Bob Marley but then go home to Republican parents who make tons of money. It really pisses me off because half the time they don’t even know what the whole movement is about and don’t really care if they’re treading on religious territory. I go to a practically all white school, so it doesn’t even matter to them. I think they’re only into the rasta thing b/c they associate it with smoking bud.

  6. I just gradusted from a suburban high school in the bible belt and will begin classes at the university in the nearby town this fall. Im considering putting dreadlocks into my hair but, after researching, im having some second thoughts. Every site I visit seems oriented toward nothing but race. Why are we making such a vast differentiation between dread wearers with white skin and those with black skin? We are all brothers and sisters and anyone who judges another on the basis of the color of his or her skin is racist whether they be black or white. I understand that there are posers out there who wear hairstyles to be cool or to stand out, but people of all races emulate other races’ hairstyles. How can we ever create an equitable, fair society if we hate others because of their appearance? How can we all be truly free if we engage in this kind of behavior instead of accepting each other?

  7. Good posts in general, especially freedom’s. Dreads existed in other cultures throughout history. Think about it–the concept of hair care didn’t even exist until late in the Bronze Age (yo, word to all my Civ’ playin’ homies) or as freedom tagged it, “biblical times”. What else could hair do in that case but become nappy? Meanwhile, to the east of the holy lands (which should be called “holey” lands due to all the flying ordnance), the Hindus worshipped God in many forms, including the dreadlocked yogavatar Shiva. Ergo, dreadlocks are not strictly African.

    I still have to laugh though whenever I see a dreadlocked garden-variety white kid with Ja-fake-an accent talkin’ bout “I and I…”, “Haile Selassie I”, “chalice”, etc… Don’t get me wrong–like most Americans, I like to smoke a little pot now and then–but I’m not going to adopt an entire lifestyle just to legitimize it!

  8. I am a white boy with locks myself, and I am getting pretty tired of narrow minded black folks accusing me of “stealing their culture”. I’m norwegian and hairlocks were just as natural to my viking ancestors as it were to the ancient egyptians.

  9. I also have dreads. Does that mean I’m stealing someone else’s culture because I’m white? I don’t believe so. My hair is this way because I like the style and it fits my way of life. I don’t preach about Marley, or any religious movement. Besides how the hell can hair represent a religious movement? I have blonde hair and I don’t look down on those people who dye their hair to have “my” color. But hey its just hair. Dreadlocks date back much further than any rasta movement. And if affluent white kids want them too, so what. Over the years I’ve dealt with many issues over my dreads, mostly fighting off the dirty deadhead theory most people seem to have of me. But I fortunately haven’t had to defend myself racially. Hopefully I never will

  10. Hey my boyfriend wants dreads and anyhelp you can give me about how to do it would be very appreciated but we’re white that’s y i’m having such a problem finding anything about it can you help?

  11. If you want dreads get em. It doesnt mean black or white or brown or green, its just a hairstyle people whats all the fuss?. If you actually pay enough attention to other peoples hair to get pissed off about it id say you need a hobby. I live in a small town about 90% white but im great frinds with several of our more colorful peoples and when put to the question they basically said id look like a dork with dreads but it didnt bother them in the least if i got them. P.S. Too emmanuel, Wake up and see the world my friend by saying that rastafari beliefs are for black people only have you not become just as much of a biggot as those you so wish respect from?…. I will say though you found YOUR equality … your just as rascist as them. I,m white and im proud of that but i love my brothers and sisters of all races and creeds and ill tell u this. In order to beat them you have to prove yourself better than them first. Please dont let anymore souls fall into the traps of history.

  12. all true Rastas signify peace and pride and righteousness. Thought some of you might find this quote interesting. The man who said it is a modern day author and a major supporter of the rastafarian movement. I,d also just like to clarify that while i know that rastafarianism started as an all black movement i find that as with all religions (almost all) it originally came with a certain amount (understandably) of racial baggage. While i believe that this was nesasarry at the time it is no longer the case. as i said i am white, do you think that that means that im incapable of seeing the problems in the world today or who created them. I appologize to black people, Native american people, islamic people, the arabs and every other race of peoples that my for fathers were responsible for harming in such serious and devastating ways. but it was not me. if you want to you can make any racial argument sound reasonable. White men are the rascists of the world.
    teenagers are blamed for way more crime than they are responsible for.
    men are the only sexists.
    does that mean that as an average white teenager im the most descriminated against person in the world? HELL NO!. you have to forget(or at least learn to accept) the past to live in the future.

  13. I am just your average middle-class white boy sporting an image that was not native to “my” culture. Seeing as how we are american, and are a Heinz 57, either culturally or biologically-who cares? As was said before, it’s only hair; so buzz off. This is my statement, not yours. If the hair style isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then don’t drink it. I say to any one who, like me, has the dedication to walk round looking like a fool for a while-more power to you. If anyone knows of a highly effective way to combat itchies, and you know itworks, email me. Peace-out:)

  14. What really suprises me while reading through these responses to my original post is how many of you seem to have seen my post as anti-white-dreadlock. Re-reading it now, I see myself in July 2001 going back and forth, debating pro and con, and really not being very critical at all. Just noting and commenting on the phenomenon. So why all the “buzz off” vibe coming from you guys? Wouldn’t that energy be better directed at someone who actually sees white boy dreads in the negative?

  15. My my my, isn’t it easy to play the race card? How can anyone claim a hairstyle? It’s ridiculous. Countless black women have straightened and dyed their hair blonde, is that “stealing” the european culture?Nope. How come I can accept a black person with straightened, dyed hair, but a few people, black and white, can’t accept the way I chose to wear my hair? Oh yeah, I also must note that I’m a white girl with dreadlocks, and recently, I got a compliment on how well kept they were by a black man with dreads. It makes me happy to know there is someone out there who has gotten past dividing line, as I have. Even if its just him and I.

  16. Katie — what “race card” have I played? Did I say anything negative about dreadlocks or about dreadlocks on white kids? What exactly are you upset about?

    – Scot

  17. anyone who thinks locks are a rasta thing is an idiot i am quarter jewish, and the rest of me is welsh and irish, i have more claim to my locks than any religious movement, black folks dreads are totally different from white folks , the texture is different, the look is different, but that dont make my hair not locked , my hair is locked cause i locked it as a statement about myself, i want to express my personality, to say that my locks are an insult to rastafarianism is a joke , thats like saying madonna cant wear a crucifix coz shes been a bad girl, its just hair, you want religion , shave your fucking heads and go and be a monk, and as for black people not liking white boy dreads , well ive only had total love from my friends , black and white and middle eastern, and oriental , and indian, and pakistani, all of my mates think they look cool, maybe its just a u.k. thing , but we dont realy have to many hangups about cross culture over here, we are a multi racial society, and i love it

  18. why is everone so upset about me growing dreads im white, white, white so what i could be green tmorow sporting a ‘regge’ hair style why cant people look at the real problem. Themselfs.
    i mean i know 3 people that have dreads they are good people that dont smoke crack or pot they are black.so know im a minority.whos being racist know. in my life there are two types of people, people that are insecure and can’t stand other peoples decisions because ‘thats the way it is ment to be’ who says it is. and then their are the rainbow of different cultures and belifes and every day people that couldent care less. Those are real people. Respect

  19. What I don’t understand is why most of the posts here are complaining about people who are critical of white dreads, when none of the posts here are critical of white dreads! And in fact, the original post that started this discussion (which I wrote) does not criticize white dreads. So… uh… is there like, a persecution syndrome happening here?

  20. look man whites are stealing culture they always have and always will, they stole jazz, hip hop, soul and all the rest, i dont care what you try to sell me your trying to jusify the fact they you want to be bob marley, matter fact i even go so far as to say that american blacks are stealing culture too, but really i do see most american blacks as practically white culturally,
    they have no love for africa as a whole and know nothing of rasta culture and the bad part is they dont want too so what is the difference. they think culture is cute or some shit like that. eating pork chops with dreadlocks. I hate it it debasens and weakens the culture. wack man. just because you dont respect your own leader like x who is now made a joke of or rosa parks in barbar shop, dont mess with our, wanna be white boy yankee ass fake dreads, and rich ass white boyz in the burbs. forget it yournot foooling anyone and mos def not Jah either. if your real this cant be offensive cause you would feel the same way. peace jah guide

  21. Race card. What race card is there left to play in america. Slavery of the black race is still in full effect, just becuz the plantations have been replaced by bigger prisons…is there really such a change? Same old story, the rich get richer and the poor are have lost their voice. So we sit up here and chat about dreadlocks being right or wrong instead. It obvioulsy isn’t “just hair”, but appreciate…don’t dicriminate. Black or white…it’s a rejection of the white american expectation. And obviously the black american expectation too.

  22. I have to agree with the fact that it is only a hairstyle. I also have to agree that there are far more important issues that we should be dealing with than having a certain hairstyle is right or wrong. If I may quote soulfly we are “One tribe” and one race. Beyond all the color we are still human.

  23. I am a mexican young one, who respects all beliefs and i think everyone has the the oportunity to be themselves and to express however you feel like it…I stand for mutual respect and love wich brings peace… Im leaving my hair to grow dread locks.. its mean to me my spiritual search and all i´ve lived has stayed in my hair and it tells my history…dont fight becouse im green and he is yellow and the other purple for we all are sons the earth(god) whatever you believe and we are one unity.. peace

  24. What will we do when blacks act white, and whites act black?!?! How can we ever live in a world where both blacks and whites get along?!…such a scary place! We most avoid it at all costs! No white people should were locks and blacks should not straighten thier hair!!!! (ya…it’s fucking sarcasim!)

  25. White dreads mean no disrespect to the rastafarian religion, it is just a hairstyle. To the rastafarian, it is a spiritual thing, to those who do not believe, it is a hairstyle. But that is personal, so the other with dreads has their own reason, let it be. We speak of peace, yet remain on divisions. Its a disguisting world, and no race or religion seems to want to make it better. Every man has his beliefs, his reasoning, we are all individuals in this world, we need to accept each other for who we are.
    And we should certainly not go back to our early childhood with an “i was there first arguement”
    Why make more issues. Peace

  26. One more thing, the dreaded white man criticism, when it comes to people who smoke weed, listen to Bob Marley etc. it also means no disrespect, these people have learned about another culture, as long as they no not claim to belong to the rastafarian religion,(unless they have been educated, and are rastafarians-you do not have to be a certain colour to follow a certain religion) what harm are they causing?
    Is it not a good thing that people worldwide are starting to understand each other more?
    And if in the case its a fashion statement, so what? Girls are wearing hindi clothing now, its in fashion! Not a statement.

  27. Lets all sit together for a moment, sit and remember when we were a united family of rainbow colors.We still are a united family.We have never left one another.In our beliefs only have we gone astray.Those are changing rapidly.Martin Luther King once said , “WE ARE THE PEOPLE” that make the changes if you ask me.

  28. Thats like saying… Those green dudes over there started wearing jeans first, Everyone wears them now and no one is complaining. to most people, dreads are just expression of self, Its what they want to look like. People bashing people because of thier hair style is no diffrent that bashing people because of the color of thier skin. who cares what other people think, there are alot BIGGER things to worry about. WHY CANT WE ALL JUST COME TOGETHER. Instead of tearing each other down, let create unity from diversity.
    hows that sound?

  29. once a very wise man I had talked to, had dreads ever since he was 20, and has had them since…he gave me a rant about how dreadlocks are used to memorialize a extreme struggle that they have had for a long time…the way your hair is not racially biased, everyone can do what they will to their hair…some things that people choose to do for a reason…I have dreads to memorialize an extreme struggle in my life and my continued struggle…some people have style…and some have meaning behind them…this could be directly correlated to getting tattoos.

  30. im white and i want dreds. theres no problem, im not trying to offend anyone. i jus want peace with all people black or white.color doesnt have hairstyes, people do.my hair is thick, will that make a difference ? anyone wanna give any tips, email me. wayneenyaw3@aol.com


  31. Hey folks. This is a very interesting discussion board. I can imagine that most people involved in this chat don’t have much experience with rasta culture. While rastafari is not the origin of dreadlocks, today’s infatuation with them is rooted in the rasta faith and reggae music. I recently lived in rasta communities in West Africa for several months. The African rastas that I lived with, true rastafari preaching the words of Emperor Selassie I, Marcus Mossiah Garvey, Bob Marley, any and all teachers and leaders of rasta tradition, were trying to persuade me, a white boy, to grow my dreadlocks. I am not a rasta, but I embrace rastafari for some of it’s principal foundations: PEACE, EQUALITY, RESPECT. And ONE LOVE. We are all one people and we needn’t waste time fighting over how a person wears their hair. Some wear their dreadlocks to express their faith in Jah Rastafari, others choose dreadlocks as an expression of their disillusion in the processes and systems of oppression perpetuated by western powers, and others still wear them only because they like the way they look. We need to learn to respect every person for their own beliefs and let each person live life as they see fit. We are not here to judge, we are here to respect and learn from one another, and to try to make this world better place by promoting those ideals which are embraced by people of all faiths. Don’t fuss and fight over hair.

    “When we talk of the equality of man, we find, also, a challenge and an opportunity; a challenge to breathe new life…an opportunity to bring men closer to freedom and true equality, and thus, closer to a love of peace.”

    -His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I

  32. Yall soft ass whiteboys and wannabe Rasta’s will never get a real hard dread look with your fake ass history lies and so on.
    You all do what ever the hell you want to do but yall don’t know what the hell a Dread actually is and youll never know, See I ben breakin whiteboy made hair combs for years with my nappy ass head, but youll keep imitating and copying untill your head looks like a fuckin furball caught up in alot of dirt n shit.
    So KLUMP UP YOUR HAIR AN CALL IT DREADS ALL YOU WANT. You’ll be a cool boy in your eyes and your white-brother eyes only, but to us youll look just like a fool and a good chance for us to get our laughs off. PEace!!

  33. Truth, i think you need to calm down man.
    P.S if there are any nice white girls out there with locks drop me a line.
    I don’t care what anybody says,white chicks look hot with locks.(sorry for using the word’chicks’ i know it’s not PC

  34. So whats the deal i’m white have dreads and most people dont have a problem with it but i can tell that most of you must have problem with racism because you refeer to people as black and white so to clarify it most BLACK people think it’s cool that i had the dedication to grow my own dreads from start to finish and that i keep them tightly locked . no one has every accused me of stealing any reliogs or any other statment becase most of my friends that have them wear them for fasion as well.(yes Black friends) P.s. i have dreads that are thin and about 4 inchs long shaved underneath

  35. I am a german irish white 35 year old in a small upstate ny.ive had long hair short hair no hair mohawks green dreads red dreads natural dreads nobody has the right to claim a hair style for their own.yes most poeple assoisiate dreads with the Rastafarian movment but look into history jews namely the nazzerites,cavemen,hindus namely those that worship SHIVA,ancient norse i.e.german ,even the bloodthirsty,homosexual spartan wore dreads and as far as im concerned no one culter has a patent on dreads.and dont forget the late great Bob Marley was 1/2 white.all life started in south AFRICA we all come from the same source the earth we started out as dust and to dust we all return.to argue about this is so childish.there are so many real issues we can occupy time with.peace and love will prevail or we all suffer the reprocutions.I pray for enlightenment for myself and for all the earth please dont get caught up in all the bullshit live life love life as i said before i live in a really small town am a practicain of MAJICK am a tattoo artist peircer and healer and no one holds that againts me.and even if they did I wont change because of others opinion.do what thou wilt.anyone wanna talk cotact me at darktar69@wiccans.com love andlight

  36. Sigh. Reading all that was such a draining thing. It is mainly white people supporting white-boy dreadlocks. I was in the Dominican Repulic when I got mine. It was on a beach full of black people. I hadn’t realized the signifigance of what I was doing at the time or the controversy I was getting into. I am now surprised that after I had got the dreads put in the locals stopped trying to sell me things like they do. (Anybody who’s been to the tourist areas of the west indies will understand). The people took the time to sit with me, talk to me and find out what I was thinking. We shared thoughts on world peace, unity, Marley and etc. They even offered some herb to smoke with them. It was a poetic moment. A white and black people were smoking Jah’s natural plant together, and meditating. They are a symbolic hair style and to deny history is to be ignorant. But if you are first educated, understand, and walk the path to the centre of yourself and self-realization then you have a better understanding. If you still choose to get dreads then you are right to have them. I would love to hear replies from any black, or white people. Email me.

  37. All of this is very confusing. if we want to grow dreads than we grow dreads. i am not growing dreads to piss everyone off. i believe in peace, unity . all is one. jahlove. live and let live. i am growing dreads out of a long process of my spirit learning to let go of all the hate and anger in the world.as a white person growing dreads , it is not wrong or right . it just is. i am lerning to open up. fear and suffering needs to be extinguished. let go and be free…….

  38. I just checked this site out again, scanned it and came accross “Truth’s” entry, December 21st. I assume he is black, and with dreads, would think he would know about the Rastafarian movement. The part that I don’t understand, and would certainly like too, is how he can end his entry with “peace”. Man, the entire paragraph was off insults and trying to make himself feel superior. He certainly doesn’t promote peace in it, or one love and unity. I don’t know if it’s ignorant, hypocritical, uneducated or what. Hell, maybe I’m wrong, anybody care to explain?

  39. I have dreadlocks, and i hope everybody will / can enjoy them some day.

    Also i am suprised at the amount of talk on this forum.
    I have receieved very little objection in my 3 years of dreadz.

    AY’ to all melbourne dreadz, keep da respect

  40. To me dreadlocks represent a philosophy, which has inevitably been greatly influenced by the Rastafarian faith, features such as:

    -consciousness and reflection
    -caring for the less material things in this world, ie truth
    -non violent rebellion against oppression
    -dis-satisfaction/anger with babylon/western society
    -living life as naturally as possible
    -having an independant mind-thinking for ones self

    all of these ideas were introduced to me purely through listening to reggae music and i have nothing but respect and admiration for them, songs such as ‘Conqueror-Yami bolo’, which states, ‘wisdom is worth more than silver and gold’, these all helped guide me to a path that is far more righteous than my previous path. if i was to have dreadlocks because i wanted my apperance to represent my philosophies, then why should i be denied simply because the colour of my skin? to me dreadlocks are a comittment to a philosophy, but admittidly many people (not defined by race) do have dreadlocks for very different reasons, ie to be ‘cool’, and in my opinion this is wrong as dreads are one of the few hair styles to have such heavy sentiment behind them, and therefore should be treated with great respect, as their are sensitive racial and cultural issues/events ie slavery+empire, which i do not think have been properly acknowledged/apolygised for by white society.
    However, surely it is the motivation for getting dreads that is the most important factor and this is impossible to know on the basis of apperance. to me dreadlocks are still a philosophy, and this should be made accessible to all people (and races) if this world is going to start getting better rather than worse.

  41. We all just have to learn to ignore all types of criticism about white people with dreadlocks. Some people cant exept anything out of the ordinary and never will, but I know and lots of people know that your color does not decide your hairstyle and I feel bad for anyone who doesent agree.

  42. Most prejudices stem form religion, which to me is bogus. Religion today is not what is was meant to be. Man screwed it all up and they blame those who dare to be different. I am a spiritual person and part of my spirituality doctrine is expressing individuality creatively, and outwardly so others know I am not afraid of societies misunderstandings, because that is all it is-is misunderstanding. Those that fall for the stereotypes are ignorant. For one thing even though there are people who smoke pot that wear dreads, there are also people with straight, curly, died hair, people that are young, old, religious, and hard or not so hard, working people that smoke pot. You can’t take a characteristic of smoking pot and label only one group of people with it just because you object to a persons expression of individuality. It’s just not fair. That would be like saying all Catholics are crazy just because I know one Catholic person that is crazy. People that spend so much time singleing people out and disagreeing with their lifestyle need to get a life of their own. After all, how would they feel to be looked down upon because of their beliefs. Diversity is what makes this world the interesting place that it is and instead of forming bad opinions about people that to them are different, maybe they should extend themselves and possibly learn something.

  43. what a waste of typing!!! look at it all!
    peace to the peeps who have enclosed qoutes from the most high (livelearnlove). if you dont like dreadlocks on white kids, you’re not rastafarian. end of story!
    LEARN from Selassie. for extra pleasure, buy a speech on 7″ on bob marleys ‘war’ riddim, complete with translation.
    theres also nothing wrong with growing locks while you are learning the ways of rastafari, everyone learns something new everyday. the only thing i dont like about SOME white dreads is when they stop washing their hair, because they say they want to dread it naturaly. stop smelling! at least get some coconut oil in there. oh. and GROW dreads, dont grow your straight hair, then twist it! it doesnt make sense! of course, thats jut my personal views!
    oh and dont say your rasta, then go sniffing coke and other badness. be good, live clean _JAHlove_

  44. Hi my names I-tasha and I am working on a documentry about white rastas for a production company called ‘peeping tom productions’ which will be aired on channel4 ending of summer this year. please could you guys email to me all your views and would any of you, preferlby white rastas be interviewed on the documentry…if yes please email me on sexypink_t@yahoo.co.uk or fone me on 07985220890

  45. I would have to say that I would agree alot to what Jahbless said….but HEY!!!!! My first set of natural dreads were ten years young and never smelly!!!…and my my new natural set of 3 year young dreads are the same…very well kept!!!!
    ” oh. and GROW dreads, dont grow your straight hair, then twist it! it doesnt make sense!” doesnt make since here either…why be a twist a head pretend a dread when all it takes is just a little patience and alot of love! I think that is called nazreth dreads if I am correct…anyone heard that term? (natural dreads from a bald head)
    Anndddd…as for the race issue…..get over it everyone….any truley inlightened individual is going to accept you for who you are and not for what you are not! Hugs,Nugs, N lots o’ Love

    Rainbow Family of Living Light Unite!!!

  46. Funny thing is that I was in Barbados last summer visiting a friend native to the area. Being Rasta is one of the three main religions. I am a white man with dreads and the people there didn’t look twice at me and treated me as an equal and as a human being. I am not a rasta nor do I pretend to be…..

  47. ‘poorphuker’, i wasnt saying your dreads are smelly. but i’m just saying theres no excuse not to wash dreads, at all. if anything it makes them lock tighter anyway. my friend has straight hair, and she said she didnt want to wash them cos they will come out. so i advised that she uses a shampoo WITHOUT condition, and use warm water. we need to wipe away the rumours that dreads dont wash thier hair!

  48. I forget who, but someone in all this writing said something that was very interesting to me. It was about how dreads represent their philosophy. I think everyone should have a philosophy on life, earth, people and the society. And if your ideals match many of those that Rasta’s have, I can’t see why a true Rasta would reject a white dread. Especially if that person is aware of the Rastafarian Movement and respects it.

  49. Greetings!, First of all let me express my respect to all di cultured persons. me have been born in Spain, Europe, in babylon. Me parents and friends teach me to love and respect. Me grew up and met di rastafarian culture: love, respect and unity (I think). Me believe in one love, one blood, we are one family. I’n’I accepted JAH as di creator and I am wearing locks for 3 years and every day Ras Tafari teach me some thing.
    Di first thing I learn was taht until di color aof a man’s skin is no more significient than di color of his eyes will be no peace. Love can conquer babylon, seen?. Please excuse my writed english ( me come from spain). I’m really interested in rastafarian teachings. If yu want e.mail me: bothertafari@hotmail.com. Thanfs for read my writing. Let me express my “deseo” ( I don’t know how yu call it in patois): Love, peace and unity. Not fuss and fight, get unite.
    Blessings in di name of HIM.

  50. What an interesting discussion…guess I never really thought about white dreads “stealing” black culture. Interesting indeed.
    Well am a whitey with dreads and I think this is all a bunch of foolishness. I am aware of the religious meanings behind dreads, but look, its not like we’re disrespectin ya’ll! Take it as a complement yous! Look at all the people who wear crosses around their necks, or tattoo ying-yangs on their bodies, they’re not necesarily Christian or Buddhist.
    I love dreadlocks and I think they look wicked cool on anyone who chooses to carry em (and knows how ta keep em clean!). I know just as many black dreadies with badly kempt or non-religious dreads, it’s not just us caucasian folk. Whats the big deal?? The fact of the matter is that its not just a religious thing anymore, and we didnt “steal” anything, in fact, there is no “we” or “you”, arent we all children of the earth?
    Anywho, those are my thought on the matter.

    -Peace n love, kt

  51. you americans are a fucking joke! get over yourselves you fucking nutters! its all about fucking race or religion or blowing something the fuck up. like the guy who started this said – HE WASNT CRITICIZING ANYONE!
    but no. forget that. blacks are repressed no nothing pricks, whites are rich copy cat cunts and its all just what we grow on our heads then. dreadlocks – an international sign of peace, culture, good music and just chilling out. but look where it gets us. lets just all shave our heads – oh shit, cant do that either, some crazy american ‘peace loving’ monk will probably come and rip my fucking bollocks off.

  52. Fair point frosty, when I had a skin head people said I looked like a nazi, now I have dreads people think I believe that Im actualy a black man. I just think they look good! they stand out. Perhaps I should just get a middle of the road haircut so it fits in with Americas preconcieved perseptions of how a white male should look so as not toconfuse them. A persons aperance will greatly affect judjments made about your personality but it seems america is more obsessed with stereotypes of race, class and religion than any country Ive traveled to, alls not good in the land of the free, and the home of democracy..

  53. I think that a white dread must always be cautious. I really don’t think that a white dread should be participating in babylon. It would be hypocritical. I’m white, with dreadlocks, and in 3 years will be moving to Jamaica. Though I am from Canada, my country is becoming more Americanized which I believe is the new hub of babylon. I do not want to be a part of that life, so I am moving to a better place. I have dreads, I have rejected babylon, and I respect the doctrine of Rastafari (though I do not believe in Sellasie). I don’t think that a Rasta would have any major problems with that considering my first three points. What do you all think? Peace, One Love.

  54. i am white and have new dreadlocks. i initially decided to get them because i like the way they look. as i delved deeper into the meaning behind them i found all of this controversy. i dont believe that anyone has the right to tell someone off for a choice they make that has no affect on anyone else. if you choose to rock locks, more power to you. if you understand the deeper meaning behind them as i have come to, much respect to you. to me my dreads represent my respect and love for all man and woman and my disenfranchisement with the western world. i am not rastafarian although i respect the movement. the problem with this world is the lack of love. lets unite together like we were meant to do. peace and love

  55. I’m a black girl dreadlock and my dread is 5cm long. I started my dread few weeks ago and I would like you to give me some good advices on how to take it care.

    thank you
    Helena Kasheeta

  56. People, people, people. Don’t you understand that EVERYTHING is about race? Especially when it comes from something that is primarily a “Black
    Thing”. Regardless of what your reasons for wearing dreds are, everything still comes down to race. When Blacks dred, it’s looked upon as “nasty” and another reason to fear and despise us. When whites dred, it is looked upon as some “phase” that he/she is going through. What it really boils down to is the ability to assimilate. Blacks have been trying for years to convince Whites that we are worthy of their respect by adopting many “European” ideals and styles (hence the straightening combs, silky straight weaves, relaxers) So when we finally decide to say forget it and embrace the beauty of our own hair, it is (perceived to be ) stolen (therefore Blacks have nothing sacred). Yes, I know that something so simple as hair is no big deal, but it is when it is and has been one of the things (next to skin tone) that has caused a great deal of pain for Black people. We have been taught to hate our features, our hair, our noses, or skin. So in defense of those who have a problem with it, the Blacks who have claimed it as unique to our culture should be offended based on that. What you all fail to understand is that hair has long been a statement for Blacks in defiance of White standards of beauty. Not saying that it is the fault of the white dreds, but can’t you understand why anyone would be offended when those who have discriminated against us adopt the very hairstyles (afros, dreds, french braids)that we were discriminated against. Does this make sense to you? The anger and frustration expressed on this site goes way deeper than merely dreds.

  57. i think that we should all love another and be happy that people look up to you people because i look up to people just like you have looked up to people to.

  58. ok. my 84 yr old G-maw hasent washed or combed her hair since 92 ( it is some sort of phoba, the doctor said their is nothing we can do) and she has some pretty Ruddy- Rad dreadys.
    But i do believe that she is becoming offensive to the African Americans that live in her retirement home. what should do?

  59. Yo dreads are for Blacks and Blacks ONLY. Dreads did exist in “bibical” or “bronze Age” times but by then they were old. Second for those who said cavemen had dreads, WRONG. They knotted up hair that tangled together. Those ain’t Dreads. The dreads are a religious and now a political statment. When it come to dreads there is no “well i don’t think,” or “I don’t believe,” or “there not just for” statements. If you try to excuse your wearing dreads with a statement similar to these then gues what, DON’T WEAR THEM. Dreads firstly were developed in Nubia as a religious hairstyle worn only by priest. From there they spread eastward to Egypt (which is actually north of it), Shinar, India(via the dravidians who were BLACK), parts of southern Asia, and finally to Australia(once agin via black folks, the aborigines). So dreads have been worn by us and us alone for millenia. The vikings and celts and everyone else just didn’t comb their hair. It didn’t lock, it tangled. Secondly those who use India as a reference, those were the Dravidans who wore them, and they were and still are BLACK. Also the Hebrews and the Nazoreans(not christians) wore them. And once again THEY WERE BLACK.

    Now in modern times it was adopted by the Rastas. If you wanna learn about it then go to http://www.swagga.com/rasta.htm.

    Dreads represent the purity of Black textured hair. Ours is the only hair that locks, not TANGLES or KNOTS, LOCKS. Its a symbol of two major things. One a seperation from “Babylon” which is white culture not western culture, and reverence and repsect to the Motherland of Africa. Secondly it is paying homage to our ancestors before us, and to GOD for making us in his image(GOD is black). Dreads are a beacon to our brothers in the darkness saying “Wake UP, realize who and what you are and be proud, because GOD himself made you that way.”

    When we wear dreads we are saying that we believe all these things, and are willing to act accordingly to those beliefs, if a white person TRULY believes this (not just a justified pothead) then I say go ahead, WEAR THEM. Black is a skin ton, but more than that it is a mindset. Just like hair ain’t just hair, it symbolizes your beliefs. If a white person does believe that and acts accordingly i say we should embrace them. But it ain’t happened yet and I don’t think it will. So when we say you’re stealing our culture, or belittling our beliefs, thise of you who say “It’s just a hairstyle,” you make us all the more furious.

    Just food for thought. Hope I clarified some of it up for you. Peace unto you and yours.

    If you want to continue the conversation hit me at : crimson_leo1986@yahoo.com

  60. Crimson Leo your a moron. First of all, as a black man my hair if not combined will tangle just like a white mans hair. This will lead to dreadlocks (how I wear my hair now). Also if I grow my hair out it will fro before it locks. A white mans hair will eventually lock the same way as a black man. The process in most cases is much slower then of a black man.

    Everyone saying dreads are for Rasta’s only or Black people only are full of crap. Locks have been around for a long time and probally have shown up in all races way back in the day. Most people back then didn’t comb, shampoo etc.

    Everyone needs to grow up and stop being so hatred. You white dudes with dreads, more power to ya!

  61. i really like hector’s comment on how we can never find peace until the color of one’s skinbecomes as insignificant as the color of one’s eyes. that was really enlightening to me. i’m a white girl who’s been seriously considering dreads for a few years now, not because of the religious affiliations, but instead because i want to change my hair, which as been pretty much the same my entire life and because i consider them very beautiful.

  62. After reading though all that mess i have to say that people in general always amaze me. im a 29yo white dude(german/irish)and was reaearching dreads, how i found this little forum deal. and i really never even thought about all that baggage your tagging onto a hairstyle. if i grow dreads it will be simply because i think they look good. and i dont see many folks with them.

    If by some crazy chance someone starts preaching about religion ect ect. i think ill just nod and act asthough i care on some lvl and walk away. life is to short to worry about the opinions of others. anyhow thats just my 2cents on the subject, feel free to flame away at my blatent disregard for others opinions/views.

  63. I’m an African American woman.I don’t wear dreads but i do love white men with dreadlocks.Hint Hint men.LOl
    I don’t have a problem with white people having dreads.It’s all about respecting black culture.I haven’t seen anyone on this board hurting black culture.mertvill@hotmail.com

  64. I’ma Rastaman from Sweden. My Mother is a swede and my fader is a muslim from Finland, his father and his family was gypsies, and long ago the family lived in india. From india the family gose back to to middl east and from arabian countries back to our faders Shem, ham and japet. All our african ancestors. All I-rated by our Almighty fader Jah! Im a man livving after holy bible, still im white as snow! I can´t see any problems with a man living after Jahs will to call himselfe a true rastaman! Rastafari is in everyone! Still young dreads think it just cool,.. Yes I! It is cool, The coolest! Let them think so. It´s Cool… and for me its a hard living.

    Let I see I people unite no matter colours like king Selassie Rastafar I was crying out! InI Cry out for peace, I and I never find it in this argument!

  65. anybody can have locks, this hairstyle is a symbol about freedom!!!! it’s a symnbol against prejudism!!!
    and you are all complaining about if somebody should wear them or not because of the colour of their skins… the only truth is that anybody can wear what they want!!!
    because if it’s not, you are making again that wrong difference between black people and white people AND WE ARE ALL THE SAME

    one more thing..
    if a white kid (like me) wears dreadlocks (like me) it may be because he loves black culture..
    did’t you think about white people loving black people???
    so I am not stealing you anything man!!
    I LOVE YOU !!!

    thanks for listening to me
    and I am really sorry if my English is weak.. I’m from Argentina.. we speak Spanish here =D

    peace, weed and love for all!!!!!!

  66. racism is UGLY no matter what color it comes in…and you people continuing to separate blacks and whites with phrases like “my people””Black people” white people” are guilty of being racist too..I realize it has taken the WORLD not just the United States a long time to even get to this pathetic state of “EQUALITY” Each person changes the way they think and react to skin color or herritage it can change EVERYTHING.remember that

  67. I am 25 years old, born and raised in Chicago, where we have every race known to man. Until I read such ignorance written in some of these blogs, I almost sometimes forget, that in this day and age, people still are noticing the superficial differences in mankind. In this generation, we need to close our mind to these unimportant matters, and concentrate on helping these people, these mexicans, these jews, and these West Indians, these African Americans, and these caucacions, these sweeds, and these muslims, and every one else who is breathing the same air we breathe, feel the same feelings we feel, the people who love the way we love, and worry the way we worry, help these people to realize that we are ALL ONE.

  68. Okay, what’s killing me about this whole damn thing is it’s black vs. white, white vs. black, hair style vs. religion.

    Yet no one has brought up the point that there are asians, indians, and OTHER RACES THAN WHITE AND BLACK who are locking their hair.

    AND LOCKS GO BEFORE THE DAMN BIBLE! Oh yes, cavemen had locks. AND KING TUT STILL HAS LOCKS! That’s right, they were mummified with him. Which means Egyptians had locks.

    I’m a 23 year old white girl with no locks, but I have respect for my fellow man, and that led me to learn more about this fascinating and complicated hair style, and then I find this. THIS! You people…damn. Peace, Marley, bud. Go take your racist pot smoking asses back to school, educate yourself, and expand your mind reading.

    Sure, some of you have had some positive things, but reading this makes me sick. I didn’t know people could still be so ignorant and small minded.

  69. Greetings,
    Love. Please. A time will come when the confusion of babylon will crumble and all truths will be revealed. Ignorance is hatred. Be a strong Love Souljah. For real. Can you not see the battle ground. Prophets unite. God is calling. This is a fight for peace stemming to the very escence of human culture. I am culture. We are culture. Have The Most High in your conscience and nothing can hurt you, any color. Preach love and you can never be wrong. Love is not some wishy washy idea. You have to be very strong to love and know what and why you are loving. True culture comes from togetherness and communal living. Most true rastas are very removed from society and do not go emailing, so I can understand the confusion among people uninformed. If you are looking for an answer, Love the innerlight within every living thing. If something is wrong and reflection proves so, stand up before it spirals beyond control. To those who refuse Love, afire burns for you. Peace, Strentgh and Wisdom of The Almighty.

    Know what your hard eaned money is contributing to. That is a statement not a question. Money is the catylist for both life and death.

  70. First of all if your white and you have dreads thats fine but its just not natural,you have to force it to dread by twisting,glueing.Any person of African orgin can just let his/her go and it will naturaly twist into locks,no gels needed period.That being said,when most blacks myself included,wear dreadlocks with black pride in who we are and where we come from.The orgin of dreadlocks are in Africa,Kenya worn by Masai warriors for hundreds of years or more even in ancient Egypt.So for most black people who choose to wear dreadlocks it’s not just”A hair thing” it is a long process and takes time.Dreads are what happens to a black persons hair when just left alone to just grow without combing or brushing it.Peace to all Jah Rastafari.

  71. A visited South America and was so surprised to see the folks ther that have dyed their hair blonde. It wasne natural at all but It didne bother me so why should white folks with dreads bother blacks? Anyway i reckon that blonde dreads look wey better, mayb thats what youse are so pissed off about?

  72. ” Secondly it is paying homage to our ancestors before us, and to GOD for making us in his image(GOD is black). ”

    yeah, but wernt we all black one time??

  73. Friggin’ hell! It’s just hair people! Why such a heated debate?! Sure, some people may have their beliefs about dreadlocked hair, but they shouldn’t be forced on anyone else.

    And I can’t believe the race card is being brought into this! People saying that the dreadlocks have been “stolen” from Africa, I’m sorry but yeah ok, we all know where they originated from, thats great, but so what?! Isn’t IMITATION the highest form of FLATTERY?! Many, many trends that occur these days are “borrowed” (NOT STOLEN) from other cultures, decades and what not. And no one else seems to be complaining about them, so why this?!

    And as for dreadlocks not being natural on “white” people only, I’m black, and there is no way my dreads could have come about NATURALLY, I am European/Samoan and was cursed with prissy, wavy hair which in no way reflected my personality so I had to dread my hair by twisting and glueing and still continue to do so. I have had my dreads for three years now, and I have never heard of such arguments about dreads until now, I am from New Zealand and people of many people from different races, religions, and genders get dreads without any problems surfacing from other people.

    I personally think that there is no stereotypical “better looking” colour of dreads, its all dependent on how well they are maintained.

    And there’s my two cents, lets keep the atmosphere in here POSITIVE aye?! Celebrate dreads rather than dragging up any negative points you can think of. Sweet? Sweet!


  74. hey everyone i’m a white girl, gonna get some dreads.. my hair is so think and long it practially tries to dread overnight if I leave it down. if anyone has any tips bout how to go about doin this send me a e-mail and it would be much appreciated. soulrebel420@gmail.com

  75. True…Dreadlocks have an origin. For those who live by the Rastafi lifestyle, the spiritual love and symbolic representation of dreadlocks will continue to thrive no matter what. For those who where “locks” as a fashion statement, or because everyone else does it, or those who wear it because of there inner being and personal want, then so be it. I’ve had dreads for years now, what you do, look like or wear will never affect my beliefs or struggles. More power to you if you want to incorporate the rest of the world into our ancestors of past. Only those who truly care know the roots of the Dread. Peaceful people, who love the earth and nature. I suggest those who wear “locks” at least understand the culture and beginnings of what they are representing. You should not entertain those who have hate and criticize you for wanting to individualize yourself are make a statement of some sort. If you intend to grow “locks”…more power to you. ONE LOVE

  76. If you’re black then you know how it is trying to fit into a “white world”. I think it’s cool that these white cats want dreads. I see it as a compliment and them trying to fit to our world.

    If everybody had dreads, this wouldn’t even be a 4 year long discussion…

  77. Uh i think cavemen were prolly the first culture to have dreads seeing how there prolly wasn’t much emphasis on cleanliness and even less on what your hair looked like when you are just trying to kill your food and not become something else’s. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. Stop, think about it.

  78. god made every body he wouldnt make one race better then any race or favor one more then another, but i do beleive world peice may be acheived if we all mixed to the point there was only one race…

    jah bless

  79. White People with Dreadlocks

    Google “dreadlocks” and what do you get? Page after page of white people selling other white people information on how to dreadlock white hair. Ex:


    Google “dreadlocks” and go to images, and what do you get? Page after page of white hippies trying to look cool. They don’t look cool. They look foolish. Go see for youselves. Page after page of dirty, zit-scarred faces.

    As a black man with naturally formed (freeform/organic) dreadlocks, I find it interesting that whites with dreads get so “spiritual” over a hairstyle that it took them a day to get.

    I’ve dreaded four times in my life, naturally. Each time it took at least 8 months to even start what could be called a “baby” dread. White’s “get” dreads, blacks “work on” dreads. Do you see the difference? Even (especially) freeform black dreads, must wash their hair daily to start dreading. It’s a chore.

    White dreads often cite the example of the ancient Celts. This is done to deny cultural apprpriation by marginalizing the connection between dreads and blacks, and to smear shit on the spiritual connection between dreads and people of color. Unfortunately only a fraction of them are of Celtic origin. And even if you are of Celtic origin, if you are honest with yourself, you will admit that it has nothing to do with your decision to “Get” dreadlocks. If you had to “work on” your dreads even as the Sadhu’s and ancient Celts did, you wouldn’t do it. You wouldn’t Start with an inch of hair, and do nothing with it for a year or more. And if you did you are a person with poor hygiene.

    It’s insulting because after 5 years or less, most of the white dreads will realize that they are grown up, dump the fad, and become responsible white people, while the rest will continue to sell beaded jewlery, refuse to bathe, smoke dope, attempt to link hippie culture with Rastafari culture, and embarrass me in the process. What kind of message are you sending to the world? You’re a peace-loving hippie, yet just like every other privileged white person in the world you feel it is your “Right” to take what you can from other cultures, leaving an empty husk in the wake (ie: Claiming that slavery was God’s will, Killing Savage Indians because they didn’t “deserve” the land, Taking over China and putting up “No dogs or Chinese” signs in businesses, transforming Jazz into a tuneless washed out midi file, introducing cocaine into Disco, and now this.

    For that matter, you’ve even managed to steal the hippie movement from your parents and even grandparents in some instances.

    For all the black women in the American workplace that have to destroy their hair by straightening it until it resembles white peoples’ (in some cases it even falls out) to be accepted…

    For all the blacks that lose jobs over dreadlocks because their white bosses have hippie children with stinking masses of knotted hair on their heads (and said children are not in the least spiritual beings), so the black workers claims to spiritual reasoning are ignored…

    For the fact that the reverse example of how silly dreads look on you is Al Sharpton and his pompadour, I implore you white dreads to give it up.

    The fact that you ignore the pleas of black dreads only shows your condescension

  80. dumb dumb. lets say this. skin is irrelavent. i never see skin colour, have any of you seen the movie crash? go watch it. it will change you. we all come from the same fucking thing. were no different. cant we all just get along. i love everyone, and thats how it should be. if we didnt see colour, the world would be awsome.

  81. How come black people are against racism, but when a white person shows interest in black culture, they get pissed? Black people don’t like segregation, but yet they have all-black magazies, all-black channels, all-black radio stations, all-black holidays, etc. it’s all a bunch of bullshit. whoever bothers you for having dreads is just a hipocrit

  82. yanno, I’m a 45 year old 1/4 native american 3/4 celt woman. I’ve got locks….why?
    Because if I leave my hairdo to do what my hair do, it does. And I tell ya it beats the whip and chair that it usually took to keep my massive mane under control. I had my hair set into locks by a truly lovely woman from The Gambia…and I caught NO flack from her at all. As a matter of fact SHE is the person who suggested them to me.
    I’m not black nor am I trying to be. Many spiritual paths wear their hair locked (let’s not forget Tibetans as well as all the others mentioned in previous posts)
    Yes…my anscestors wore their hair in locks…and NOT from lack of grooming. The Gauls were nortoriously fastidious about their persons and appearance…as noted by Roman historian Strabo and Pliny the Elder. There are coins minted by the romans of men and women with their hair locked and heavily ornamented as well. Remember that these are the people who invented Lye soap after all.
    I think the the reasons that anyone puts themselves out to the world are as varied as there are people….and it is presumptuous as well as disrespectful to ANYONE to second guess their reasons or motivations. I truly understand that to Shavites and the Rastafari their locks are an outward symbol or an inward state. But, so are my tattoos. But I also understand that not all that have tattoos share my reasoning for getting them. Nor do I expect them to.
    Those who have locks for lame reasons (these are the folk I’ve noticed to have really lame nasty looking locks as well) will no doubt shed them as they become more in step with who they really are. Those who wear them for spiritual or as an expression of who they truly are…well they’ll no doubt keep them, take pride in them and tend them.

    I’ll cut my locks when everybody else on the planet stops wearing plaid…;)

  83. Heres what I have to say about whites with dreads, being one of them. I dont consider my self Rasta, even though I used to especially when I got locked up. Ive realized to myself that whites really have no right calling themeselve rasta or claiming it. This doesnt mean they cant help the movement, but they need to come to the table as a white person not a white who thinks hes black. That blind ignorance and foolishness is a result of white privelage, the white doesnt see that hes disrespecting an oppressed people by actin that way and being he is the color of the oppressor it creates a whole chain of misunderstanings and ultimatly the problem continues. The problem you ask? The problem of the oppression of blacks and other minoritys by the rich and white.

    Now as for dreads, I to this day can still not see why some blacks get so worked up over a whitey with dreads. Its not that I cant see the reason for anger, as its understandable, seeing as whites have in the past tooken and ruined things for Blacks. But still the truth is its hair. I understand how its a symbol for so many Rasta and other blacks.But The truth of it is, if thats your excuse for getting mad at some little white boy, that the symbol is ultimately important to you only. How does a white with dreads take away from the meaning of your dreads or the symbolism? Its not like your hair is actively shouting out what you believe in and for the most part people are still going to just see it as hair.

    So next time you see a white with dreadlocked hair instead of shouting at him and turning him away from good, help him closer to the light. Ask what they mean to him, what does he know about white privelage. Too many whites today are so unbelieveably ignorant and through that ignorance racism exists. The best way to fight it is bringin it to light and fighting that ignorance.

    Dont get mad at the dreadlocked white man, get mad when he says this is a free country with equal oppurtunitys

    On a nother note why are these arguments always about whites with dreadlocks? You never hear complaining about all the spanish and asian people with dreads. So that just shows how issues regarding race always boil down to black and white, as if the others didnt exist, and it always will until whites and blacks can settle our misunderstandings and problems. But for that to happen whites need to make the first move, we need to put an end to what we started

  84. Whatever floats your white ass boat I say. I don’t give a damn what whites do with their damn hair. They do whatever the hell they want to anyway, so it really makes no point in others objectifying to the “majority” about what they should or should not do. Thing is though, if you are white please make your locks at least neat. Every white person I’ve seen with locks has really looked disgusting. I’m not “hating” or being prejudiced, but expressing my opinion. They usually wear these big ass locks that look very shitty. I’ll never understand why whites who usually have that stringy type hair go through all the trouble to even attain locks. I mean you have to put so much shit in your hair just to get it to lock, so why do you do it? I think people who are offended by whites wearing their hair in locks have a right to feel that way. Me personally, I think people from different ethnic backgrounds don’t care to be who they are. Whites wear locks, blacks use relaxers or that wave system for dudes, asians do plastic surgery on their eyes to look more white, africans bleach their skin to appear “lighter”, and the list can go on. I don’t understand people. I realize the man upstairs made me a black chick with “negroid” or nappy hair, and I’m fine with that. Why change what you are given? I’ll be honest. It just seems like all of this lock shit everyone wants to wear is like more of a trend. But I’ll say this. Wear whatever your white ass wants to wear. Just please do not come up to me with your locks, big smile, hippy glazed eyes talking about “peace sister”. I will do nothing but walk away from you shaking my head at your retarded ass. That’s all. Continue this dysfunctional discussion.

  85. Hey im sorry but knots in hair DO NOT belong to any color race they belong to the human race as a whole they trace back to every culture all dreads are is knots that have matted in this state when no hair maintence is taken. so 2,000 years ago people were stealing from the black rasta culture? HELL NO. wake up and unite as one race as humans we are the same stop judging people for there looks there will always be people who do things because they think its cool but that doesnt mean you can attack a whole group of people for a few dumbasses its time for you people to grow up go do some research and see the truth anybody can grow locks and each race has its own style of lock but its all the same locks are locks and dont belong to one culture thats ignorant and racist grow the fuck up and educate yourself

  86. I justnow found your websight, you see im still in anolog times but i have been searching for people with my same views….on dedicationlox and the world in general. id like to gain some friends and really be apart of this movement. i take shit from friends, family,and outsiders all the time, but i will not chopp off my lox to gain any bodies approval. so friends brothers and sisters,a dont be afraid to e-mail me. the harder they are THEY are the hader THEY fall.

  87. I am a white boy with dreadlocks….

    First thing I want to say is to those people who talk about dreadlocks being for black something blah blah blah….if u do not want people to be racist DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CAN NOT DO BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF MY SKIN…that is racist on ur part buddy. Same goes for the word NIGGER, yeah I am white and I said it…. guess what balck people can say it and so can I, I am open minded. I say nigger and it means same thing as a Negro…. its OK no one died, call me a white boy I don’t care.

    It all love and we’re all men. Children of one but we just can’t agree on who it is. That’s normal we are all young in our internal souls.

    Thing that I think everyone needs a little more…more then love…more then peace…something that will generate the other two is PAITANCE my friend. All we need is to accept one another, without hate…. because hate doesn’t take courage but love dose. We all want for this world to be peaceful, loving and accepting towards them they should first of all do all three for others. IT REALLY WORKS. I noticed that when I act nice and polite towards random people I will never meet again…. (Open doors, let someone in a hurry pass, stop a let a person in a slow lane go)…then people who saw me do that act the same, love just keeps on going around. Love is the only thing in this life that you can give away without limit and you will only have more. There is nothing else like it. Love one another, don’t hurt and accept and the world would be a much nicer place. NO NOT UTOPIA but god damn close!

  88. Holly crap…. how on earth can you argue that dreads are exclusively for black people? That in it’s self is racist “you’re not allowed dreads because you’re white”…jeez. First off what about Indian Shaman (okay I don’t know how to spell that…) but it can be said that they were the ones who brought dreads to the rasta (also the smoking weed while carrying out religious taks.) So whats with all the narrow mindedness?

  89. Ok. I see that everyone is on different pages with this whole dreadlock situation. I for one, dont give a damn. think what you will your human. But i do have one question for, i guess you can call it, the lock community. I want to put dreads in my hair, i am white and i am a girl. i dont smoke weed and im not rhastafarian. i simply like the way it looks. thats besides the point.. has anyone (being white preferably, but anyone else feel free to respond) found it difficult to get a job with them? i have a job now at a theraputic massage clinic. i havent asked yet about the idea of me getting dreads, but if they decide to fire me over it i would like to know exactally how hard it is to make it in corporate america with such a simple hairsytle. please please please, help me haha.

  90. I am white and have real curly hair untameable…dreads seem like they will be so easy and set me free….is that wrong?

  91. We are all products of inter-racial love. What you are all blind to is that you are all submitting into society’s status rat race of religion, ethnicity, and greed. We all came to this discussion to level with each other about a common hairstyle. You can all say that dreads come from here and there. Were any of you a part of it? You can’t hold someone accountable for their father’s father. We all should make our own values based on the life we want. I am sure it is flattering for some ally in the sky that holds your same judgments and prejudices.Who are you to judge what is right for someone else? Maybe it is time to take a better look at your life and your actions instead of being irritated by someone who shows you a part of yourself or your heritage that you hate.

  92. typical. you suspect wrong. I am a 22 year old black woman, living in fuckin frankfurt, germany and i have had dreads for about 4 years, as you might has realized i am an an atheist. I believe that everyone is a mutt and who are you to judge how much each culture has suffered. I have brothers and sisters of every race (literally) and i have lived with all types of opinions. Your arrogance about is what blinds you. I think your opinions are valid but no one is out to get you here. This isnt a debate about who has more respect for other cultures, because you obviously have displayed that yours isn’t very widespread. having dreads symbolizes something different to everyone and just because you think your an “original” doesnt make everybody else fake.

  93. I just reread cople of posts and on everything I had only one idea. Like most of us think dreadys r cool and we should focus on that. Thumbs up! Like one buddist said that we are like television with infinite channels. You can turn on any program. So if u turn on good its all good. SO turn it on!

    PS: and light it up! ;)

  94. People wake up! Stop labeling, categorizing, and stereotyping! Life is too short to be caught up in the past, learn from it and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

    I need some dread advice…. I have been waiting to get dreadlocks for 3 years now, but I am still scared that my hair might be too thin? I look at alot of galleries and people have skinny kinky strange locks, i just want well defined neat ones, because i think it is the most beautiful hairstyle ever.

    If you have good locks, send me a picture and tell me how you got them! I would really appreciate it!

  95. Most people do associate dreads with the Rastafarian religion however it doesn’t and shouldn’t be like that.
    It IS a hairstyle that many people wish to use or attempt.
    I’m a white 18 year old from the UK and have recently got dreads and noone treats me differently to when I just had long hair.
    Many things are associated with a certain race or culture but shouldn’t be. As an example I know an English person that has played digerdoo (sp?) for many years when it’s highly associated with Australia.

    What I’m trying to say is that all races are equal and can and should achieve and do whatever they can in any country or culture.

  96. It’s funny that all these people think you have to put shit in your hair to make it lock if you’re white. You don’t. ALL hair will lock naturally if it is kept clean. Even if you decide to backcomb, you do NOT need to use wax or whatever in your hair. It actually hinders the locking process.





    ONE LUV.

  99. Seriously, at the beginning of the 21st century, we’re still debating about whether or not it’s ok for white people to have dreadlocks? So ridiculous. The case could be made that ancient Indian civilizations grew dreadlocks before African people did!

  100. Hi, I’m black and i would first say that I have no particular problem with whites wearing “locks” (THERE NO SUCH THING AS DRED LOCKS), but what gets m angry is the arrogence of some of the other comments that claim that locks didn’t come from blk people. Just so you know that king tut was blk his pop was king akten and his wife neferti look at king tuts grandpop and father! also locks are found pacificlly in bible and most of the tribes listed in bible have been traced back to blk people like ethopians etc. So stop pretending locks didn’t come from blk and stop trying discredit and steal our culture and history.

  101. i am a white male that has been trying to grow dreads for a while and cant get them to lock right. i mean i have used the usuall a bees wax and teasing it every day. if i could get some help that would be awsome. PLEASE ANYONE HELP.

  102. you ignorant people who say dreads are for black people listen up and let me take you back in time when everyone was hunting and killing there food to survive a.k.a CAVEMEN. . . you must have been in special classes in school if you didn’t think of that

  103. o and weejman, i’m caucasion whith really freakin straight hair and have found an amazing way to dread my hair.
    wash hair with ANTI-residue shampoo from neutragena and then whith irish spring barsoap.
    start in back and use a metal comb to back comb really close to root and twist as backcombing until all done w/ the dread. then roll dread in beewaxed up hands (like a skittle size every 4 to 6 inches) just like rolling out playdoe. and then palmroll, then grab dread 1/2 inch away from skalp and rub on head in a clockwise formation. the dread should be significantly tighter after doing the rolling and rubing. rubber band at the tip and at the roots. then blow dry the dreads when all finished like this. bees wax should be put on right before blowdrying.
    then wait at least a week before washing your hair with a dread shampoo.

  104. Dread Locks is for cleanliness, not dirty. We say words like dirty and then defend them when really why say such words. Just be. Now, the only feeling I have is that when someone has dread lock and say to me why I do not, I say well I never been told how to. I see some go to the beauty parlar to get dread lock but I say that is perhaps not me. I know people who have dread but never tell me how. So, I only know that from little when I learned rasta, I was told that to not brush the hair was natural. But, my hair ratted and knotted and hurt so bad so I wish someone tell me how to not have that problem and how to take care of the locks properly. Why the secret?

  105. hey YOU! yes YOU reading this now somewhere on earth. i know you have been reading these interesting comments and you got your own ideas but….. Just cooool it! coooooooooooooool it. cool it now my friend. right now i am hijacking your mind with good vibrations. Did you know my good friend, that it is scientifically proven that if you close your eyes and take three DEEP, SLOW breaths or even just one HUGE ONE you will be less stressed (and stressfull to be around)! Also apparently if you take twenty it is virtually impossible to feel stressed!

    hair is hair get over it

  106. I’m a Rasta, I have dreadlocks and I see nothing wrong with white people, or any race, locking their hair. I’ve seen pictures of blacks, whites, asians, Indians, and Native Americans with locks and think its beautiful. Some do it for religious reasons, some do it just to be different, it shouldn’t even matter. What bothers me is the fact that black people rag on whites for having locks, by saying, “You’re stealing our culture.” Unfortunately…alot of black people know nothing about their culture, or others for that matter since locks are not only a part of African history, but Indian, European and Asian as well. Different people do it for different reasons and who are we as black people to become “Dread Nazis” just because some of us copped the fashion after we saw some rapper on TV with them?

  107. Dread Locks is for cleanliness, not dirty. We say words like dirty and then defend them when really why say such words. Just be. Now, the only feeling I have is that when someone has dread lock and say to me why I do not, I say well I never been told how to. I see some go to the beauty parlar to get dread lock but I say that is perhaps not me. I know people who have dread but never tell me how. So, I only know that from little when I learned rasta, I was told that to not brush the hair was natural. But, my hair ratted and knotted and hurt so bad so I wish someone tell me how to not have that problem and how to take care of the locks properly. Why the secret?

    Lol…dang dude. Most people who do it your way do it for religious reasons. If you aren’t in it for that then go to dreadlocks.com. They have methods that could work for you. They even tell you how to care for them.

  108. whell..i can not understand what is this shit about that you must to be black to have dreadlocks.because dreadlocks is black hair style.so what means?i should say now that black people can not wear straight hair because this is general white hair type?sound stupyd or?i have nothing whit black people,i am not rasist and who is i’m really sorry,i can not accept that we must to chose own style vs of skin color.i have dreads and i am white,i dont care about what people say.they have problems whit themselfs.respect.

  109. i understand some black people are angry when see white people whith dreadlocks.What i dont understand is why?I read in internet something about that just the black peoples can wear dreadlocks or just the original white rastafarians.Also a black people stop WHITE WOMAN WHIT DREADHEAD ON THE STREET CUT SHES WAY AND ASK HER WHAT SHE ANSWER WHEN HE SAY JAH?The women doesn´t answer so the black man told her-you must to say jah rastafary!so why a heal you have dreadlocks iff are you white?iff the situation is like this than i ask now why a heall are not all the black people whit dreadlocks rastafarians?What wanna say those persons?all the africans and black americans are rastafarians?i know personly a couple off islam religion africans and a christian religion americans and they are NONE RASTAFARIANS.SO WAKE UP PEOPLE.DREADLOCKS EXIST IN THE WAY BACK TO THE INDIANS AND EGYPTENS.NOT JUST UNTIL THE RASTAFARIAN MOVEMENT.RASTAFARIAN RELIGION BELIEVE IN PEACE AND LOVE IS A POSITIVE WAY TO SEE THE LIFE.EVERYBORY CAN SEE THE LIFE IN A POSITIVE WAY DOESNT MATER IFF IS BLACK WHITE YELLOW OR Y DONT KNOW WHAT……Dreadlocks became a hair style in a whole world when BOB MARLEY THE FAMOUST REGAEE SINGER,make famoust his music and his style in 70,s and 80,s.But doesn,t mean that the white people can not have dreadlocks if they are not rastafarians.I even dont undertstand what have this whit skin color.Even BOB MARLEY was half black-jamaican black mother,and half white-whitte father from scothland.I hope all the black and white rasist people wake up in one day and finish whit this bullshit.

  110. okay first i must hav to say this: im not white. okay. the dreadlock culture did NOT begin with the rastas. not sure where it began but most arrows point at eroupe and around there. christians and hebrews wore dreadlocks WAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer before the rastas. yes it’s true: rastas made dreads famous and thats what rastas are known for but that doesnt mean whites or any other heritage can’t wear them. no one stole it, no one is planning to copy or pretend to be rasta or black, and most people with dreadlocks don’t even know about the rastas ’til this day! IF ANYONE KNOWS THAT DREADLOCKS ARE AGAINST CATHOLIC BELIEFS PLZ EMAIL ME AT pengy_photo@yahoo.com

  111. oh and “me.” that picture u posted from tokio hotel (tom kaulitz) he is not white he is german

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