Anticipating Sad Planet

Finished shooting footage for “Visit To A Sad Planet” last weekend, and intended to start editing this weekend. But there won’t be time for that, and personalStudio for Windows isn’t quite ready for a full editing job yet. Very close though. Simon and Paul are in CA now, and the development cycle is really picking up. Betcha I’ll be able to do most of my editing next weekend.

Got a stack of “Short” DVDs from Amazon, and it was a wakeup call — just like web publishing — put the means to make films into the hands of the masses, and the world will be filled with bad films. Maybe Adamations’ motto should be “Enabling bad film making for the masses.” That’s a joke. Sarcasm. I’m totally into enabling people to make whatever kinds of movies they want, even if it’s clear that most of them will suck. The point is, it’s a creative tool, and people creating is better than people not creating.

Eating inordinate amounts of junk food for some reason lately.

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