Joi Ito: Untitled (Saving the World)

Fantastic way to end the first full day of SXSW sessions, with a talk by Japanese activist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Joi Ito Untitled (Saving the World)

Social software hasn’t solved all the world’s problems, but the long term effects will be bigger than you think.

Key difference between the way the world was messed up in the past and the way it’s messed up now: Nonlinear complexity. It’s not necessarily better for the world in the long run if you make everything more efficient.
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Is WordPress Killing Web Design?

Loose notes from SXSW 2010 session: Is WordPress Killing Web Design

Good question – I’ve been asking myself this lately. Unfortunately the session quickly devolved into a lot of platitudes and stating of the obvious. Yes, design has been commoditized and is no longer an “elite” activity. Yes, your site is as creative as you make it, it has nothing to do with the CMS you use. All pretty much goes without saying. Took notes for half an hour, then headed to the HTML5 discussion… which was full and not allowing more people in.
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danah boyd: Privacy and Publicity

Loose notes from SXSW 2010 session by social network researcher danah boyd: Privacy and Publicity

Just because people put info in public places doesn’t mean it was meant to be aggregated. Just because something is public doesn’t mean people expect it to be publicized.

What people mean by privacy is more complicated than what can be summarized in a sound bite. A conversation with a friend could be spread by that friend. *Trust* is what allows us to go forward with the conversation. We don’t always navigate privacy well.

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