Some very cool stuff going on in Microsoft labs. Photosynth is an image browser from another dimension. Give it a giant pile of photos shot from anywhere within a single location (a beach, a museum…) and it will intelligently find edges, determine positions, and stitch together images into a massive 3-D soup of relationships through which users can surf, zoom, spin, dig and dive. No human intervention or tagging needed to build the relationships. Watching the demo, I’m wondering how much CPU it takes to burrow through an environment like this at reasonable speed, or how long it took to calculate the stitching (even creating high-quality QuickTime VR movies can take all night, and this is way beyond anything QTVR is capable of).

Demo is in WMV format (of course). I’ve been appreciating the Flip4Mac module that allows QuickTime to play WMV content.

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Naked Eye

Think you can tell a doctored image from a fake? Popular Science links to three tests you can take to gauge your powers of discernment (the first link is fubar; correct link). First two quizzes on general imagery (mostly images I’ve seen floating around the net), the last tests your ability to tell between photographs and renderings. I scored 75-80% on the first two, 90% on last. You?

Entertaining, but raises real questions where news is concerned, especially when that news comes from less-trusted sources like blogs, but also in the realm of increasingly popular photo illustration.

Thanks Ken Light

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