a new human being

After work went to see Stacia and Matthew and their new baby girl, Lila Simone (such a beautiful name). Lila was not all veiny and lumpy like most newborns, but smooth and perfect looking (but still very red). Stacia was in bed and still having contractions two days later. They had the birth in a large birthing tub, underwater. The tub was still in the back room, and a plaster cast of Stacia’s belly was on the window sill. She told us the story, every detail, and the whole thing was entirely cosmic – they really approached it that way, start to finish. They’re going to be great parents. They have it together.

I held Lila for a while, her tiny head like a grapefruit in my hand, and I sniffed her. She smelt like perfection.

There’s a time when a human is innocent – as a young child. But there is a time even before that, infancy, which is beyond innocent. Prior to innocence. Just pure, open, emptiness. Like a template for a soul.

It was so inspiring, I wish Amy could have been there. But Amy is in Seattle with her sister, who gave birth to her own newborn just days before.