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I sometimes encourage photographers to consider (or re-consider) using Flickr as their primary photo platform. But it can take a while to find the really good stuff on Flickr, so some people get discouraged. So I’ve been casually maintaining a list of some of my favorite photographers on Flickr, which I encourage you to follow if you’re just getting started.

There are 60 million or so photographers on the platform, so obviously this list barely scratches the surface – these are really just some personal bookmarks I thought others might find useful. If you find an amazing profile there, leave a link in the comments!

I’ll update this list over time / as I bump into more outstanding photographers.

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Dan Anderson

Gordon Hunter

Michael Riffle

Igor Danilov

Karl Hurst

Catherine Silks

Sky Matthews

Margriet Zwarthoed

Frank van Dongen

Knee Bee



Catherine Silks

Brooke Shaden


Timothy Londeree

Koen Jacobs

Merit de Jong

Petit Homme :-)-:


Paco Conesa

Shashank Khanna

Paul b Nash

Thomas Hawk

Gavin Hardcastle

Teo Kefalopoulos – Art of Photography

Sultan Sultani

Mark Edwards

Peter Thoeny



C A Soukup

Dave Greenwood

rené eichenberger | Flickr

Fallowsite | Flickr

Cole Thompson | Flickr

Laurence Bouchard | Flickr

Alain AUBRY | Flickr

Sandra Bartocha | Flickr

Heiner Engbrocks | Flickr

Justin Battermann Lightfoot | Flickr

Lato-Pictures | Flickr

snaps by Jogi Experience | Flickr

jacqueline.cherfils | Flickr

L.A.C.E. | Flickr

Tonno Paju | Flickr

Tore Thiis Fjeld | Flickr

Frank van Dongen | Flickr

percy seaton-smythe | Flickr

Mark Littlejohn | Flickr

Sedat Yildiz | Flickr

Ant Moc | Flickr

Mateu Terrats Miralles | Flickr

And there’s me – I’m shacker

Groups I Recommend

Moody mood pepper group

Fuji X Best Photos

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