RIP, Hardy Fox of The Residents

I’m way too late paying my respects to Hardy Fox, one of the anonymous eyeballs of The Residents, a band I stumbled upon as an adolescent browsing the dusty bins at SLO’s original Cheap Thrills in the Creamery. Duck Stab came first, but it was 1980’s “Commercial Album” that really got me – 60 tracks of exactly one minute each (ask me to recite a lyric). The intersection of surrealism and rock never let go – I still return to it from time to time. In 1989 I finally had the opportunity to see them live, in a performance that turned out to happen in a 400-yr-old German bank, floors and walls of white marble – it was the 3rd installment of the Mole Trilogy, and I was transported. Truthfully, I did not know the name Hardy Fox until he died, that’s how anonymous they were. But thank you Hardy, for a lifetime of strange music.

Hardy Fox, of the Avant-Garde Band the Residents (Maybe), Dies at 73

Hardy Fox, of the Avant-Garde Band the Residents (Maybe), Dies at 73

He never admitted that he performed with the group, whose members remained anonymous behind masks as they playfully subverted rock conventions for decades.


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