Ideal World

We have the 1972 edition of The Ungame, which is like the board game equivalent of a conversation pit. No winners or losers, no set time. Just cards that get you to talk – cheap group therapy for families. A few of Miles’ cherry answers from tonight’s “session”:

Q: What is beauty?
A: When all the species go extinct from global warming, the world will still be full of beautiful plants.

Q: If you had to move and could only take three things?
A: Lego supply, cookie supply, and my nice cushy bed.

Q: What makes you feel lonely?
A: I feel lonely when everyone else in my class knows what to do and I don’t.

Q: What’s an ideal world?
A: In an ideal world I’d be surrounded by aliens and flying cars.

Q: What really turns you off?
A: Nothing. Can I take another card?

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