Woke Up in Another Lifetime

It’s been a while since I’ve posted recent goodies from our little music-writing enclave Stuck Between Stations. Happening:

Scot: Practice in Front of a Bush: Stuck on Beefheart, paying homage to “the only true dadaist in rock.”

Roger: “Woke Up In Another Lifetime,” on re-thinking James Taylor (read before reacting).

Scot: 4’33″ and the Copyright Cops, on Warner’s attempt to silence John Cage’s seminal silent work on YouTube.

Scot: Let’s Get It On (Ukulele Style) on an incredible recent performance by Hawaiian uke master Aldrine Guerrero in Berkeley.

Roger: Zorn in the USA: My Top Three John Zorn Moments, a tribute to the genius of recently passed sax god John Zorn.

Roger: How the Cedars Invaded the Land of Blue Pajamas, on legendary late-sixties Israeli garage band called the Seders.

Scot: Music From a Bonsai. “In the tradition of Harry Partch, whose microtonal scales played on gorgeous one-of-a-kind instruments my son once described as sounding like “space chimps driving a broken car,” Diego Stocco bought a bonsai tree and went at it with piano hammers, bows of various sizes, and a paint brush. And a MacBook Pro.”

More at the site.

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