I’m a Hacker

The unfortunate but sometimes hilarious side-effect of having the last name “Hacker” — occasional emails like this one.

Email: queen5050pil@ymail.com
pls are you a hacker, if yes pls can you get for me cc with the balance and ATM pin visa and master cards or can you hack into any bank system mostly nigerian banks, pls reply asap thanks.


2 Replies to “I’m a Hacker”

  1. — Suck it yourself, sugarstick! Misha, Yid think whose was
    asking to luckat your sore toe or to taste your gaspy, hot and
    sour! Ichthyan! Hegvat tosser! Gags be plebsed! Between his
    voyous and her consinnantes! Thugg, Dirke and Hacker with
    Rose Lankester and Blanche Yorke! Are we speachin d’anglas
    landadge or are you sprakin sea Djoytsch? Oy soy, Bleseyblasey,
    where to go is knowing remain? Become quantity that discourse
    bothersome when what do? Knowing remain? Come back, baddy
    wrily, to Bullydamestough! Cum him, buddy rowly, with me! –Finnegan’s Wake, p. 485

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