25 Random Things About Me

I don’t generally “do” Facebook or chain letters, but lately a meme has been floating around — write a note including 25 random facts or observations about your life, and tag some people you know or used to know (that’s the viral part). Seems silly on the surface, but it’s actually a really neat little vehicle for an hour or two of life review. Finally took the plunge and wrote one of my own. Excerpts:

– In high school, made a good living cleaning boat bottoms, scuba diving upside down in water so dense with algae and brine shrimp you could barely see your hand in front of your face. Sea monkeys creeping under the mask and up your nose, scraping knuckles on barnacles. Loved that job, but would never do it today.

– God, I love Fritos.

– My 6-year-old son is one of the two most important people in my life (the other is my wife, of course). I relish every moment with him, can’t wait to see him in the evenings. We rock the weekends together, try to always have at least one adventure. He’s shaping up to be an amazing human being. I could drown in his laughter and die happy.


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  1. And even with Facebook membership, the link appears to take you to /home.php rather than to the note object itself. /home.php is where you land when you log in … i.e., it always is your own home page.

    Silly Facebook. (Why can’t I quit you?)

  2. James – Nope – if you hover your mouse over the link you can see that the link goes straight to the note. Not sure why it would go your FB homepage. If I log out of FB and click it, it goes to the login page, then redirects straight to the note. So I’m not sure why that’s happening for you… unless… ah, I bet Notes are only visible to my so-called Friends. So befriend me :)

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