Old Growth

Redwoods    Bone

After a waffle breakfast with friends, spent Father’s Day with Miles and Amy at Redwood Regional Park, hiking down to the valley floor to get up close and personal with giant old growth redwoods. Not quite Muir Woods scale, but utterly spectacular. Found a small handful of geocaches along the way, including one locked deep inside a cow femur, which just added to the “dinosaurs have walked this path” atmosphere of the day. At one point near the valley floor, just a few dreamy rays of light were left penetrating to the forest floor. Miles started to get scared, convinced there were ghosts in the trees. Ascending 1,000 feet or so out of there was a much-needed workout, rewarded with eventually walking up and out of the canopy into broad daylight.

Later quenched our appetites at a local sushi bar — a landmark moment for us to be able to go to a restaurant without a kids menu. Stuffed myself on crab and avocado, then chili-infused dark chocolate (didn’t get the chocolate-covered ants I had wanted, but lightly salted Aztec Chili chocolate tiles are complex and dreamy). A glorious day. I love my family.

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  1. Congrats, Scott. As a young father I’m learning it isn’t always easy – but days like these more than make up for the hard times, and recording these golden moments as a cache to helps me get through the harder moments (3 year old’s tantrums are devastating…)

  2. I realize you’re not responsible for the advertisements on your site, and that these sorts of weird apparitions have been discussed before, but I find it amusing to be staring at a Latter Day Saint’s advertisement on this post. Didn’t LDS have a campaign called…

    Family, isn’t it about… time?

    Anyhow, what I really wanted to say was thanks for sharing all these moments, thoughts, and conversations publicly over the years. It’s great to know there are great people out there in the world sharing life’s ups and downs in a graceful and human manner.

    Happy, Father’s Day!

  3. Wow, thanks for the nice words Gilbert. Sometimes I get self-conscious about posting personal/family stuff, wondering who out there would care. It’s gratifying to know that you do :)

    @Erwin – Yeah, I’ve been meaning to flip over to AdWords for a while, but haven’t had much time. Thx for the feedback.

  4. …a landmark moment for us to be able to go to a restaurant without a kids menu.

    And just as my 11-yr old has broadened his food horizons & orders off the regular menu these days, here comes the 2-yr old. So it’s back to looking for places that incl chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese on the menu. ;)

  5. Heh – I don’t mean to imply that Miles actually ordered from a grown up menu – he’s so close-minded about food that he’s never even tried candy (he refuses to try it, since he’s never tried it). We had to special-order some plain udon noodles and plain chicken. But still, we were there and that’s what matters.

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