3 Replies to “Mag Lev Train Models”

  1. No kidding :) Think I’ll wait for a room temperature super conductor before I get all excited…

    (Reminds me of some of the SF written by one of my favorite authors – Larry Niven. Postulated a room temperature super conductor that was a product of organic chemistry. Thousands of years later, a microbe evolved that “ate” said compound and civilization on that planet cratered)

  2. Quick, someone call Amtrack!

    Now, all we need is a worldwide power source strong enough to cool road surfaces to negative bajillion degrees and we’ve got free transportation!

    The demonstration at the end of the video (trains on sides of buildings) made me think of the mind-blowing idea of a futuristic world without *any* roads (and all buildings inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright)…

  3. Nova had a 2 part series on ‘Reaching Absolute Zero’ this past week, they went over this type of thing but their train was just a puck.

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