What Happened?

Mcoldtreeandsunsetatkin  T180 When CCDs go bad, accidental digital beauty. This reminded me of a series I stumbled across on LJWorld several years ago — the gorgeous results of having dropped a camera into a pond. Wonder how often people have this kind of accident and find themselves suddenly blessed with a “magic camera.” The only time something similar happened to me was when I was trying to shoot raindrops hitting the surface of the ocean in the middle of a tropical storm in Jamaica. Enough ambient moisture entered the camera body that everything it shot for the next few hours was distorted and smeary – not quite accidental beauty, just bad. And it cleared up by the next morning after leaving it open to dry overnight. Hmmm… I can find a few on Flickr, not nearly as many as I’d expect. Now I want to find a cheap/used digicam just to drown it.

Music: Tom Waits :: Murder In The Red Barn

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