3 Replies to “Undulating Ceiling”

  1. Cool stuff.

    My adventures in a weird old San Francisco apartment building with water from above just involved the kitchen sink spewing water that flooded the sink and left about 1″ of water on the floor. After an hour of mopping up the sink ran upstairs and more spewed, along with white rice and chunks of chicken –until I hammered a dowel wrapped in duct-tape into the drain as a cork. I was afraid to uncork it for days, and felt sorry for the folks below me on the 1st floor since they probably got more of it than I did.

    Then there was the time I came home to find rusty red water dripping off a light bulb in the front hall, looking like a scene out of some murder mystery. Turned out someone left the bath running upstairs.

    The Dalie-esque indoor Stalactites are much more fun, especially in someone else’s home.

  2. oh yeah, I meant to say that the comments on the linked photo page are almost as entertaining as the pictures especially as they mutate into moire patterns from the embedded boxes.

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