Speak to Me of Love

Had a gas writing Speak to Me of Love for Stuck Between Stations this week, on an album that’s been in heavy rotation at our house recently – “Parlez-moi d’amour” by Les Chauds Lapins. Steamy songs about love and sex from pre-war France, performed with sincerity and verve by a New York quintet led by a pair of banjo ukuleles. The music is absolutely wonderful, and so is the recording quality. Les Chauds Lapins even let us offer a few tracks for download. Get this music under your skin.

Music: Ornette Coleman :: Sleep Talking

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  1. You are making a sense for love songs, i like the album perfromed with sincerity… S E X steamy song is very bad for me…message with sex give bad effect to young people like because it’s to early to hear that one.

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