Poop for the Circus

At a playground under the BART tracks, Amy and Miles came across dozens of pieces of honeycomb and hundreds of dead bees, a beehive fallen from high above (apparently after having been sprayed). Amy was marveling at how perfect the hexagons were, such a feat of nature.

Miles: “These bees are so talented, they could make honeycomb for the circus. [Pause]. If they weren’t so dead.”

Lately Miles has been announcing that his poop looks like various letters of the alphabet. Last night he yelled from the bathroom “I made the letter T!” Amy asked him if he thought he could poop his way through the whole alphabet.

Miles bragged: “I’m such a talented pooper, I could poop for the circus!”

Music: Mission of Burma :: The Mute Speaks Out

5 Replies to “Poop for the Circus”

  1. We’re going to have to make a chart and chip away at the alphabet over time. Will have to arrange some kind of prize as a reward for filling in all the blanks.

    When Miles made a “J” he actually put a dot above it like a lowercase “j”!

    To really bake our noodles and prove he’s serious about this, he cranked out a K yesterday, Kid you not. Then he called me at work to let me know.

  2. These two stories tell me a huge amount about life at the Hacker-Kubes household, and what you guys value. Circuses and talent figure large.

    BTW, are you sure there is no, um, manual manipulation involved in making those poop letters?

  3. No manual manipulation. Swear. But I’d be lying if I suggested that there wasn’t some combination of luck and liberal interpretation involved.

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