Speaking of Hair

Culture jam: Two guys planted electronic viral marketing sign-age around various U.S. cities. After three weeks, Boston police suddenly found them, freaked out, and closed down Storrow Drive and and subway service along one route. That in itself is somewhat interesting, but when the suspects held full-court press with the press, they refused to answer any question about the devices or the absurd public panic that ensued, insisting that they speak only of hair. Amazingly, Fox News aired the dada hair-jam live for several minutes.

Questions: These things had been out there for three weeks. And now they’re worried? If they had been real threats, what does that say about civil security? More to the point: The police force can’t tell the difference between LED sign-age and bombs? They seal off major arteries because they find a sign with batteries attached? Officials are calling it a “hoax” (it wasn’t – it was a viral marketing scheme) and “not funny” (OK, not exactly hilarious or even particularly clever, but certainly not a cause for Defcon 1).

This is exactly what Moore/Chomsky are talking about re: Culture of Fear.

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  1. I found every aspect of the fiasco hilarious…. I mean, when it was being reported as a “suspicious package”, I was rather indifferent… But soon after noon, when photos started to appear and the Mooninite theories started to emerge, I started laughing straight through the evening news and even into the next day…

    The press conference was just the icing on the cake… I’m sure these guys are going to get crucified by the press, but it sounds like the judge is already skeptical of the case, reducing the state’s request for $100k bail to $2500, and discussing his skepticism of the “hoax” charges…

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