Farmboy Wakeboarding

Wakethumb Returning home from a weekend snowboard trip, got off the highway at a random exit to enjoy coffee and the sunset. Behind me, a small canal and some tall weeds. Heard some splashing, some voices. “Everything OK?” someone called out. “Just wondering what you were doing,” I answered. “Come around and check it out,” the voice responded. Walked around the fence to find three guys with a gas-powered winch, a tow-rope, and a couple of wakeboards, getting air in a 5-ft.-wide, inches-deep canal, in which they had built a trick rail out of 4x4s. By itself, the tricks were nothing special, but the idea of using a winch instead of a boat, and having the cojones to do it in such a narrow space, impressed the hell out of me (especially after one dude missed the canal entirely and landed on the bank, rolled and walked away). They invited me to give it a go. And I would have, for want of a wetsuit. Flickr images

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