J-School Election Coverage

J-School students are reporting on local and national contests, with full Election Day coverage planned for today and tonight. “Currently featuring advance election stories and Special Projects examining the strange life and colorful times of Bonds and Propositions, and the changing look of California’s voters.”

It’s going to be another late night — I’ll be here long after the polls close, helping to get emerging coverage onto the web. I remember going home at midnight two years ago after our coverage ran down. Bush had just been re-elected, and I was so depressed I got drunk and bought Emerson Lake and Palmer albums at iTMS to drown the sorrow. No idea what compelled me to do that, since I don’t really like ELP much. Probably just punishing myself. Happy to say I don’t expect tonight to end the same way.

Music: Devendra Banhart :: Some People Ride The Wave

4 Replies to “J-School Election Coverage”

  1. Anyone have a link to voting percentage breakdowns of State candidates and issues?

    Specifically looking to see what percentage of votes Camejo, A.J. Sekhon (my district Rep.) and prop 87 got.


  2. I think the link is wrong. It takes me to a Moveable Type forum about pings.

    Tried Statevote.org and .com but no luck.

    Please post the address again.

    Thanks Scot.

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