Edgy Eft

Ubuntu Linux 6.1, aka Edgy Eft, has been released, and Birdhouse is proud to announce that we’re functioning as a seed for those downloading the distribution via BitTorrent from one of the official mirrors. The seeding occurs through an installation of the web-based TorrentFlux client, managed by mneptok.

Birdhouse is providing space and bandwidth for the seed as a small token of appreciation to the open source community for the innumerable ways we benefit from the efforts of OSS developers every single day. My life would be very different without the LAMP stack, both at home and at work. A moment of silence. ;-)

Now, go grab it while it’s hot.

Music: Bix Beiderbecke And Frankie Trumbauer :: There’s A Cradle In Caroline

5 Replies to “Edgy Eft”

  1. A big thanks to Scot and Birdhouse from both the Ubuntu community and Canonical, Ltd. Without people willing to support FLOSS where the rubber meets the road, none of this smooth jazz happens.

    Rawk on, Birdhouse! Thanks for being one of the initial seeds!

  2. Hadn’t really thought of it, but I could. This is something I did on request, to address a specific need (making sure there were initial seeds out there). I don’t think Firefox has the same need. But if they asked, I would.

  3. Firefox does not officially distribute builds via BitTorrent, while Ubuntu does.

    To seed Firefox would be a somewhat “off the grid” activity, while seeding Ubuntu is encouraged and is an official distribution schema.

    I don’t think the Mozilla Foundation would care if you seeded Firefox builds via BitTorrent, but neither would they consider it something necessary.

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