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  1. Man, you got that site all spiffed up!! Hope the link to iTunes proves lucrative.

    Finally submitted my one really memorable mis-sung lyric: Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”


    The landlord say your rent is late
    He may have to litigate
    Don’t worry, be happy
    Look at me: I am happy!
    Don’t worry, be happy
    Be happy now…………


    The landlord said your lamp ain’t lit
    He may have to lick the wick
    Don’t worry, be happy
    Look at me: I am happy!

    Sung a capella at 13. Not along to a radio, or in a noisy place. A
    capella to my family and a few friends. They almost pissed
    themselves laughing. I still chuckle at the memory, still shake my head at how much I fucked it up (doesn’t even rhyme!), and still far prefer
    my version (if only for the colorful mental image).

    Actually, my only other memorable mis-sung lyric happened when I was with Amy at the lab. We were rockin’ out to the Commodore’s “Brick House,” dancing, and singing along really campily and lustily: “She’s a Briiiiiiick! Howwwwwzzze! She’s mighty mighty!! And lettin’ it all hang ouuuwwwwwt!” Except I was singing really enthusiastically: “She’s a Freak! Ouuuuuuuwwwwt! She’s mighty mighty…….” Amy was crying, she was laughing so hard. One of my better memories of the dungeon lair.

  2. OK, I don’t usually do this, but I’ve manually dug up your submission and posted it:


    :) The “freak out” one is just as funny, IMO.

    As for revenue from the iTunes links… that was my hope and plan for many years, that I would have such a tightly targeted music audience that I would be able to do really well with lots of music advertising, downloads, etc. But after putting a ton of work into the process, it turns out that I make more from the straight-up Burst and AdSense ads… just like I had all along. I suck at marketing.

  3. Are you kidding me?? You “suck” at marketing??!!!

    I’m always amazed that you maintain the birdhouse blog, kissthisguy, host via birdhouse and freelance all in addition to your full time job. I can barely be bothered to regularly update my Flickr account, after the fun novelty had worn off.

    After I posted the misheard McFerrin lyric, I thought of another one that I think is better. I seriously (and super-embarrassingly) only realized a couple of years ago that I had been singing it wrong my whole life:

    Huey Lewis & The News’ “The Heart Of Rock & Roll”


    They say the heart of rock and roll is still beating
    And from what I’ve seen I believe ’em
    Now the old boy may be barely breathing
    But the heart of rock and roll…….the heart of rock and roll
    is still beating


    They say the heart of rock and roll is defeated
    And from what I’ve seen I believe ’em
    Now the old boy may be barely breathing
    But the heart of rock and roll……I SAY the heart of rock and roll
    is defeated. Yeah!

    WTF??!!!!! How can ONE missung word change the meaning of a song so utterly and completely? Changed into a sort of black humor ironic pop celebration of the demise of all that was holy and sacred about rock and roll as the seventies slid in the the banal poppy doldrums of the eighties.

    What seems so funny now is that I would sing it really enthusiastically, Huey-style and all, and would really get into the “shout out” part to the different cities (DC! San Antone! And the Liberty Town, Boston and Baton Rouge, Tulsa, Austin, Oklahoma City, Seattle, San Francisco, too!!) And really enunciate the last part: De! Feat! Ed! But it never occurred to me why he would be so darn happy that rock and roll was dead. But it all sorta reflexively folds in upon itself when you think about what KIND of band Huey Lewis & The News was in the eighties and what he “represented.” It kind of makes my lyric ring true.

  4. Amy, don’t confuse “slave dog to foolish obsessions” with “good at marketing.”

    You get the award for “most complete misheard lyric excerpts” posted as well as “most joyfully detailed back-story.” Did you submit that one as well, or just post it here? (if not, please do submit).

    De! Feat! Ed!

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