Pop Quiz

Imagine you’re taking the SAT and complete the following semaphoric equation:

Rickie Lee Jones is to Tom Waits as Laurie Anderson is to __________.

First correct answer wins an official Birdhouse mouse pad.

mneptok is automatically disqualified

Music: Rickie Lee Jones :: Ghostyhead

7 Replies to “Pop Quiz”

  1. Ding ding ding! aharden takes the cake. I’ll contact you offline to arrange for mousepad delivery :)

    For everyone else: Rickie Lee Jones and Tom Waits were “an item” for a long time, as are Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed (yes, truth is stranger sometimes…)

  2. Damn! I Googled around and found Lou Reed, but didn’t post because I assumed the answer would be a past-tense relationship. Ah well, I already have more mousemats than I know what to do with (although… hmm, our bedroom does need better insulation).

  3. :) Well, there are actually still about 30 left. Although amazingly, after 10 years, I still think they’re a great design. If I could find the original image file, I’d love to resurrect these, sell ’em on CafePress. For now, they’re a precious stash :)

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