Miles Starts Preschool

Miles Preschool Paint Hard to believe this day has come already. Seems like Miles was just born, and now suddenly he’s in preschool. Bittersweet sending him off to spend three days a week in the company of peers, riding tricycles and gluing beans onto sheets of cardboard, but we’re very proud and so is he. He absolutely loved it. Amy looking forward to kick-starting her adult life again. Miles’ words have become sentences, and sentences have become paragraphs. His speech swerves delightfully in and out of surreality. His deep penchant for pushing the limits of his physicality is now firmly established, and he continues to astonish with his feats of derring-do (almost stopped our hearts today when we found him walking on top of monkey bars 6 ft. off the ground, rather than hanging from them). Like any 2-3 year old, he has his moments of abject refusal / self-determination, but they’re relatively infrequent and pass quickly. He’s starting to spell, loving to count, and is already memorizing dinosaur names that Amy and I can’t even remember, not to mention the names of obscure sea creatures (“Daddy, that’s a clown trigger fish, not a parrot fish!”). He recently picked up on me saying “Rip. Mix. Burn.” and walked around the house for two days saying “Rix. Mip. Born.” Testify!

Music: Mike Watt and the Secondmen :: Reed ‘Round My Waist

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