Support the Magnetic Ribbon Industry

Sites like offer t-shirts bearing such enlightened slogans as “Peace through superior firepower,” “ACLU – Enemy of the state” and “Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions” (sorry, liberal baiters, I’m not biting). A UCSC prof of mine once went on an extended tirade about the seductive idiocy of bumper sticker philosophy, but the crap just keeps getting thicker. Meanwhile, Pomo Sideshow offers sideways magnetic yellow ribbons to counter the current flood of sideways magnetic yellow “Support our troops” ribbons, featuring sensible slogans such as “Demand open source voting” (I’m down with that), “God bless jingoist ribbons” (you know she does!) and “Support the magnetic ribbon industry.” Tell it like it is.

Thanks baald and mneptok

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4 Replies to “Support the Magnetic Ribbon Industry”

  1. We have one bumper sticker on our car. It’s an oval inside of which is the word, “think.” I’ve always liked it for its ambiguous yet sensible message. Given the times we’re living in, however, I’m tempted to go a little stronger and replace it with that “God bless jingoist ribbons.”

  2. Thanks for stoppin’ by, Free Speech – It’s great isn’t it?!


  3. I actually saw a ribbon that said, “Support the Magnetic Ribbon Industry”. I almost stole it but I was laughing too hard!
    Any idea where they got it?

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