Venus de Moto

Ezra Demoto    Ezra Ambassador

Traveled with some of our visiting journalists yesterday to the hideout of Ezra Daly, who makes instruments (mostly basses) out of junkyard parts and found objects. Pictured: Venus de Moto and Frankenbass — the latter crafted from an old Moto Guzzi Ambassador gas tank, resting in an old Yamaha chassis re-deployed as a bass stand. The instruments are gorgeous in person. Long in the making, one-of-a-kind, and completely functional. Total commitment and patience in these. Daly plays mostly psychobilly and cow-punk, but has very eclectic tastes. I was sort of a hanger-on, mostly went along to see the instruments, and to help with tech stuff as needed. Amazing to see these instruments in person, and to hear them played. With fire.

Update: One of the journalists put an image of me from the same visit up on his Flickr account. Not particularly flattering, but love the lighting.

Music: Ozric Tentacles :: Ayurvedsim

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